Natalia Zueva: biography, creativity, career, personal life

Rhythmic Gymnastics is art. Like all creativity, it attracts natures sensitive and impermanent. That fragile girls reach heights, they are cared for by caring mentors who themselves were able to make the way to sports tops. The biography of our heroine is unusual. The athlete declared herself a scandal, but the support of the coach helped her make the right choice.



was born in October 1988 in Belgorod. She was the second child in the family. The parents of the two girls decided that their daughters should become real ladies, because from the early years they taught them music, encouraged interest in choreography.

The city of Belgorod, where Natalia Zueva was born and raised

once to school where the sisters of Zueva studied , the coach of the local sports school looked in. Natasha’s older sister received an invitation to the rhythmic gymnastics section. The baby demanded that she be accepted too. No one would object. In the life of our heroine there was also a music school, where the girl was trained to play the violin. She was promised a brilliant future. At one point had to choose between the two hobbies, and the future champion chose the sport.

Difficult teen

Naive girl didn’t know what was waiting for her. The sports section, where Zueva’s sisters trained, was directed by true megher Elena Chizhikova. She spared only the youngest. The older the pupils got, the more she demanded of them. The mentor made the training schedule such that many children left the section without withstanding the loads. And Natasha and her sister are gone. The attempt to return to music classes was defeated – peers of the little violinist went far ahead, she was not under the power to catch up.

When in 2001. Natalia Zueva addressed Irina Savkina, who trained gymnasts, everyone was waiting for scandal. A moody teenager who changes trainers because of personal antipathies, nobody will tolerate. Savkina could have turned the girl down, but didn’t. Chizhikova couldn’t forgive her former pupil and colleague who took up with her to be engaged. Natasha hid no less resentment in the heart. According to the sportswoman, on regional competitions the vengeful lady told judges to reduce the score to the girl.

The word of the trainer

Unbeautiful history ignited in our heroine sports excitement. I wanted to win medals contrary to evil goats. At subsequent competitions Natalia Zueva showed perfect technique and impressed the jury with artistry. She received awards and diplomas, however, to fully enjoy the achievements was not possible. In 2005, the girl received the title of master of sports and made the decision to retire from gymnastics. She didn’t want everyone talking about her as a champion helped by malice.

Natalia Zueva and Irina Savkina Didn

‘t allow the girl to commit stupidity Irina Savkina. Once she simply suspected Natasha to herself and asked why that is still not in the Russian national team. No argument against continuing to work on herself wise woman accepted. Zueva performed at competitions in Moscow, where she was spotted by Irina Viner. In 2006 the young scandalist went to the European Championship in Italy and returned with a gold medal. Now no one could talk about her anymore.


Before participating in the Beijing Olympics in 2008 Natalia Zueva managed to confirm her qualification at international competitions. The girl proved herself hard working and responsible, she knew how to work in a team, because nobody doubted that she would find a place in the team. The result of the Russians was marked with Olympic gold.

Russian rhythmic gymnastics team at the 2008 Beijing Olympics

The trip to the Chinese capital was for our heroine is an unusual event. The athlete recalls with pleasure how the Olympians became friends, as the guys who represented our country in fencing, protected girls. As for the strict diet of gymnasts, according to Natalia, it is no more than a myth. Serious loads require a full diet.

Finding her vocation

Returning home with gold, Zueva declared the end of her sports career. Now she was only leaving the arena, not the sport. Savkina asked her pupil to help her in coaching. The winner liked this class, she moved to Yaroslavl and began to prepare future female athletes independently, making a contribution to the future of Russian rhythmic gymnastics. Natalia let down her changeable temper. At one point, she decided that she lacked the experience to teach something to the younger generation. Nearby there was no person who would dissuade her, and the winner of the Olympic medal left the coaching job.

Now plans for the future looked hazy. In an interview with journalists, Natalia Zueva said she would like to go into business. However, the gymnast had no skills and education in this sphere. Find the right solution to the beauty was helped by a guy named Maxim. He offered her a hand and heart. In 2014 the famous sportswoman was married.

The wedding of Natalia and Maxim


Chosen Natalia is a person distant about the world of sports. For him, the wife is not the champion, but the keeper of the home hearth. Zueva is untold glad. In 2016, she gave her husband a son. A happy mother wants to see her boy happy. Vanity plans regarding his entry into the Olympic arena she does not feed.

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