Natalia Yurchenko: biography, creativity, career, personal life


 The future winner of multiple championships was born in 1965, on Jan. The birthplace of Natalia is the town of Norilsk. Since childhood, the girl showed her predisposition to gymnastics exercises, she was a very active child. At the age of 7, the young athlete enrolled in the local gymnastics section.

In her native Siberia, Yurchenko trained in harsh conditions, she even sometimes had to dig up the entrance to sports hall from snow to practice. When the girl turned 11, she was offered a place in one of the most eminent and specialized grammar schools.

The new place was in the city of Rostov-on-Don. The parents were forced to stay in their native place and Natalia was placed in a boarding school. At that time the main educational duties were assumed by the new coach of the girl — Vladislav Rastorotsky. He was confident of the gymnast’s great sporting potential and never doubted he could grow an Olympic winner out of her.


‘s sports career

Successes didn’t make herself wait: after several years of working with the eminent coach she was able to get a gold medal at the international tournament among juniors, her strong side was performances on bars. Unfortunately for the sportswoman, at the age of 15 she got a serious injury from – for which for a whole year went to rehabilitation.

In 1982, Natalia returned to the world of sports, immediately making a coup in the world of gymnastics. Together with a star trainer, she became the founder of her own style, which no athlete of the time could repeat. In the same year she took the world championship, she managed to show brilliant results on all gymnastic equipment, almost for every performance received the highest evaluation score of judges.

In the future, her sports career only continued to gain momentum, until 1984 won a victory, often with a defeated score for opponents. At the age of 19, Yurchenko planned to make her Olympic debut in the United States, but because of the ban, all Soviet athletes of the time went nowhere.

In parallel with competitive activity the girl received pedagogical education, her goal was to become sports as a teacher. Then Natalia’s dream came true — in 1986, after completing her professional career, she gave herself to the coaching direction of education.

Personal life and further activity

In the future Yurchenko took the post of the assistant to the trainer, on which she stayed until 1989. 2 years after retiring from sports, the girl met a man who later became her husband. This man was Igor Sklyarov, who took first place at the Olympic Games and successfully engaged in professional football.

In 1989, the couple moved to the United States, initially they planned to survive difficult times in the USSR, but subsequently decided to stay in a new place forever. In the same year they had a daughter — Olga. In the state of Pennsylvania Yurchenko was engaged in coaching, trained young gymnasts. In 2012, she became the head coach at one of the most eminent American schools in gymnastics, Lakeshore.

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