Natalia Guseva: biography, creativity, career and personal life

Total Natalia Evgenyevna starred in 5 films. Film career began in 1983 and ended in 1988.

The road to fame


biography of the future star began in 1982. The girl was born in Zvenigorod on February 15 in an ordinary family. Father, Evgeny Alekseevich, worked at the plant, mother, Galina Markovna, worked as a medic.

None of the relatives were directly connected to the creativity. And Natalia herself didn’t dream of cinema and theater. She planned to be an entomologist. In 1979, the family moved to Moscow, her daughter went to school.


student paid special attention to biology and chemistry, took part in the Olympiads in these subjects. And on the rest of the schoolgirl managed to “excellent”.

Film career The

school of future celebrity was visited by a director who selected several girls for film trial. He was also offered by teachers. Guseva received a role in the short film “Dangerous Trifles”.

The director Arsenyev paid attention to the debutante at the voicing of the picture. He suggested the quiet and humble young actress to star in her film history in the image of Alice Selezneva. Natalia adored fiction, and therefore agreed immediately.

It turned out that the role was written for Guseva. Surrounding were amazed, how confident the inexperienced performer in the frame is kept. However, the girl herself played nothing: she simply remained herself. Shooting was not reflected on the quality of studies. The schoolgirl in breaks taught lessons, engaged, bringing textbooks to the playground. Even while working, she didn’t forget that her future was entomology.

The actress was not ready for her after the premiere of the picture to fame. She received letters in bags, her pictures adorned magazine covers, appeared on postcards and stamps. After the successful work was followed by new adventures of the heroine beloved to the audience in “Lilac Ball”. The minor role of the girl played in “Race of the Century”, and the premiere of “Will of the Universe” viewers did not notice at all.

Off-screen Off-Screen

Offer to star in “Accident — Daughters of Menta” Guseva received while being a student. However, the girl refused the role: too character was foreign to her. And the career of the movie star did not preclude.

After graduation, the graduate enrolled at Lomonosov’s MITHT biofak. After university Natalya Yevgenyevna worked for several years in microbiology named after Gamalea and at the Research Institute of Epidemiology. Celebrity subsequently co-founded an infectious disease diagnostics company.

The film played a significant role in the personal life of the young star. Denis Murashkevich, who directed the Belarusian TV company “The Circle”, became the choice and then husband of Guseva.

In 1996 there was a child in the family. The girl’s parents separated in 2001. After becoming an adult, Alesya chose the profession of TV director.


new choice of Natalia Evgenievna was Sergey Ambinder, the art director of Rusfond and designer. In February 2013, the couple had a daughter, Sofia.

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