Natalia Druzhinina: biography, creativity, career, personal life

Biography, education and career

Natalia Petrovna Druzhinina was born on April 12, 1955 in the city of Chernivtsi in Ukraine to a military family. Immediately after her birth, the family moved to Petrozavodsk and then to the city of Mirny, where her childhood and youth passed. While at school, the future actress played in a local folk theatre, but dreamed of ballet. There were no ballet schools in Myrny, so the dream did not come true.

After school, Natalia Druzhinina decided to become an actress, came to Moscow to attend a theater institute, but the reception of documents was already finished. Then Natalia decided to enter the Moscow Institute of Culture, but did not pass through the competition. I came to Tula, and submitted documents to the Tula Regional College of Culture and Art, which I graduated with a red diploma. She entered the Leningrad Institute of Culture (LGIK) on the course of R. A. Orphans. After graduating from the institute, she worked at the Volgograd Drama Theatre for several months. On vacation Natalia came to visit her friend in Tula, decided to go to the Tula theater. She was taken to a troupe. Then she finally returned to her native Tula.

Since 1982 Natalia Druzhinina has been an actress of the Tula Academic Drama Theatre. She was immediately involved in the play “Daddy’s daughter”. Since then, in her 38 years in the theatre, the actress has played in more than 70 performances. She played a lot in children’s plays, in comedies, in dramas. Her acting work, creativity and contribution to theatre arts were appreciated and, in 2002 Natalia Druzhinina was awarded the title Honored Artist of the Russian Federation. In addition, she was repeatedly awarded with certificates of honor from the administration of the Tula region, the Department of Culture, as well as the Award named after the honored artist of the RSFSR V.S. Shevyreva in 2004 and the award” Ovation” in 2007.

Nowadays, judging by the information on the website of the theater, Natalia Druzhinina can be seen in several performances:

  •  ” Mashenka” R. Ovchinnikov — the role of Vera Mikhailovna;
  •  “Family Weekend” Zh. Poiret — Marlene;
  •  “Tiflis Weddings (Hanuma)” by A. Tsagareli — Kabato;
  •  “Monday’s Children” by Ivan Alifanov;
  •  “The Adventurer. (Blaise)” by Claude Magnier.


Natalia Petrovna Druzhinina acted in several films and television series:

  • “Boys from steel” (2005);
  • “Taxist 3″ (2006);
  • “The Last Confession” (2006);
  • “Law and Order” (2007);
  • “No oranges are born from aspen” (2016);
  • “Not strangers” (2018) – last film directed by Vera Glagoleva.

Natalia Druzhinin’s

personal life

is married. Husband Anatoly Rozhkov. The son Vasily is already an adult, married, raises a daughter.

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