Nadezhda Kadysheva: a brief biography

Starting conditions

 Folk traditions at all times helped people in different life situations. The words that the song to build and live helps us have real meaning for Nadezhda Kadysheva. The future star of Russian pop came to light on June 1, 1959 in an ordinary Soviet family. The parents lived at Gorki Station in Tatarstan. The girl turned out to be the third of four sisters growing up in the house. His father worked as a track distance master on the railway. The mother was involved in housework and raising children. They lived modestly, but as it was customary to express, not worse than people.

On weekends, relatives gathered at a table in the house at the Kadyshevs and sang songs. Nadia has listened to and memorized her native songs since her early years. The misfortune came to the house quite unexpectedly. The mother passed away quickly. Nada was barely 10 years old at that point. The father brought his stepmother and her children to the house. The older sisters went to town, and the younger ones were given to boarding school. It was here that Nadezhda’s vocal and musical abilities were revealed. She participated in all the viewings and contests of artistic self-activity. She received prizes and diplomas.

On the creative path After

receiving the certificate of maturity, Kadysheva moved with her sister to the Moscow town of Lobnya. And here she went to work in a weaving factory. Young weavers organized a creative team of folk songs and performed in their free time on the stage of the Palace of Culture. After some time, Nada was advised to enter a music school named after Ippolitov-Ivanov. On the first attempt, she failed to do. But a year later Kadysheva became a full student. In her third year, she was invited to join the Rossiyanochka vocal quartet.

In the student dormitory, Nadezhda met Alexander Kostyuk, studied in the famous Gnesinka. He appreciated the potential of a future pop star at a glance and invited her to be part of his “Golden Ring” collective. Circumstances developed so that the ensemble became widely known in foreign countries. Wherever Russian performers arrived, full halls and stadiums gathered for their performances. On home soil, the ensemble did not make the first television contract until 1993.

Recognition and personal life

The Golden Ring Ensemble has performed without vacations and vacations over the years. Thanks to the hard work and talent of the first persons, the team won popular love in Russia and abroad. In 1999 Nadezhda Kadysheva was awarded the honorary title of “People’s Artist of the Russian Federation”.


singer’s personal life developed safely. She married the ensemble’s artistic director Alexander Kostyuk. They have been living and working together for more than thirty years. Husband and wife raised and raised a son who helps them in everything. There are many different projects ahead of the family union.

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