Most famous rhino of the 18th century

For a long time only travelers knew about the existence of rhinos in Europe. The rest of the Old World residents were content with stories and sketches. They could only represent outlandish animals in their fantasies.

For the

first time, the rhino wanted to demonstrate to Europeans in the distant year 1515. This was planned by the Portuguese. They took the animal all the way to Lisbon. However, then the storm began and the ship, along with the crew and outlandish passenger, sank. Travelers never made it to Rome.

To make people understand what rhinos look like, artists tried to portray the animal on paper. They did it according to stories from travelers. For several years, the inhabitants of Europe of rhinos could only see in pictures.

Animals tried to show residents several more times. But all attempts were unsuccessful. Some died of unknown diseases, others were killed because of too exuberant nature.

History of the famous rhino

In 1741 another attempt proved successful. In July, the story of a famous rhino named Clara began. The animal was flown from India to Holland. Clara with one appearance caused a huge stir. Europe plunged into “rhinoceromania” for several centuries.

Clara’s story began sadly enough. Her mom was killed while hunting. Little rhino was taken by the owner of the trading company. But after a couple of months the house for Clara became too cramped. So it was decided to sell it. The new owner of the animal was the captain of the Dutch vessel Van der Meer.

To show the beast to Europeans, he has come a long and hard way from India to Holland. For the first time, the rhino Clara was shown to humans in Rotterdam. Demonstrating the animal brought huge success. So Van der Meer decided to drive with Clara through the cities of Europe.

Carrying an animal that weighs about 2 tons was very hard. In addition, there remained a risk that the rhino would die due to the disease. Therefore, the captain tried to provide Clara with everything necessary for a comfortable journey. To do this, a huge team of 165 people had to be hired.

The captain of the ship took into account all the mistakes of past travelers who “killed” their animals. He had a vet on the team who monitored Clara’s health. The rhino was only fed fresh food. There was no physical violence to the beast’s attitude. Carried Clara only in a covered cart.

During her lifetime Clara visited Holland, the Roman Empire, the Commonwealth, Switzerland, France, Italy, Denmark, Bohemia, England. In addition, a rhinoceros and small population centers visited. In all cities, countries and villages, Clara caused a huge stir.

The most famous rhino died in 1758 of old age. It is not known if he was happy. But Clara’s life was certainly interesting and intense.

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