Morning rituals for a good mood for the whole day

In our lives a lot depends on exactly how our day begins. Morning can be filled with negative thoughts. Then the whole day will not go particularly well. Productivity in this case can not be the question. But if the morning is filled with positive, energy, then the whole day will go well.

At the present stage, there are many rituals, thanks to which you can make the morning your favorite time of day. With their help, it will be possible to tune into the positive and energize. Let’s describe some basic morning rituals.

Wake up earlier

Early Awakening is a habit of many successful people. They manage to perform important tasks while others are still asleep. In America, even a millionaires club is there, the participants of which get up until 5 a.m. Just imagine a picture like this: on the clock 9am, and all the cases have already been remade. Doesn’t it look wonderful?

Do not immediately set an alarm clock for 6 o’clock in the morning if you are used to getting up at 8. It is necessary to act gradually Set your alarm clock at 7.45. Lent a few days? Then reduce the time by another 15 minutes. This is necessary until you start getting up at 6.00. Naturally, we will have to and lay down earlier, for sleep to be full.


Another fine morning ritual. With the help of meditation, you can calm down, become filled with energy and free from the garbage that has accumulated in our head. There are these kinds of meditative practices that allow you to get rid of restrictive beliefs and clamps.

In the first time it will be difficult to meditate. Attention will constantly bounce from one thought to another. Therefore, it is necessary to start with 5-10 minutes. Subsequently, the duration of meditation can be increased.

Positive mood

Much depends on our emotions. Therefore, in the morning it is necessary to immediately adjust for the positive. Smile yourself and the world as soon as you’re awake. Do it if you don’t even want to. We have to learn to smile.

Stand in front of the mirror and give yourself a smile again. According to Tony Robbins, this simple reception is capable of coping even with depression.

Smiling, we inform the brain of joy. And he, having received a signal, immediately starts to run processes that are responsible for happiness.

Smile is a good morning habit. But it should be supplemented with positive thoughts. So think more often about pleasant events. Remember those occasions from life that made you happy. Think of books, people, movies, songs that bring you joy.

Sport and contrasting shower

jog is a wonderful morning ritual. But if you don’t like running, another activity can be found. Yoga, dancing, stretching, fitness, zumba, trampoline jumping. And you can just take it and get off a few times. Even a simple walk can make your day more productive.

After training, it is recommended to take a contrast shower. His benefit is known to many. Not everyone accepts it, however. And for nothing. During a contrasting shower, the body includes all protective functions.

When cold water flows out of the tap, the body begins to burn calories intensively to warm the body. When warm water goes, the capillaries expand. Thanks to this, circulation improves.

A few more useful properties of the contrast shower:

  1. strengthening immunity;
  2. increasing muscle tone;
  3. cleanses skin;
  4. disappears depressive mood;
  5. the

  6. body is filled with energy.

Regular treatments will help improve health and train willpower. In addition, contrasting showers promote body rejuvenation.

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