Morganite: the magical and healing properties of the stone


mineral is also called balsatin or amethyste-balsatin. It is a fairly rare variety of beryl.


A variety of shades of gemcolor is given impurities of caesium, manganese and lithium. Usually brittle, although the solid mineral is translucent. It is extremely rare to find transparent instances. A unique property of balsatin is pleochroism. When turning the stone with different sides, one remains white, and the other acquires a pink or yellow shade.

Colouring saturation depends on the amount of rubidium and caesium impurities. The more there are, the brighter the color. Several varieties are distinguished:

  • light purple;
  • lilac;
  • violet-red;
  • aquamarine or sea wave colors.

Clear peach-hue crystals are considered the most valuable.

In a long stay in the sun, the sparrow loses color, dims. Most often, crystals are painted in pink, red or purple tones. Often within polyhedra with parallel elongated edges are clusters of air or liquid. Such stones are opaque and not highly valued.

In jewelry it is common to use pink gems. Heating to 400 degrees allows a slight change in the color of the stone. However, such manipulation is rarely carried out. Artificial morganite was called sitall. It is almost indistinguishable from a natural mineral.

Therapeutic properties

Proven favorable effects of sparrow on the nervous system.

In lithotherapy, crystals are used to combat psychological and physical fatigue. Constant wearing of morganite enhances brain performance and improves memory.

Among the therapeutic properties are:

  • elimination of rheumatic pain, treatment of scoliosis, arthritis and other pathologies of the spine;
  • reduction of temperature, treatment of sore throat, ARVI, colds;
  • healing of handra, depressions;
  • treatment of almost all gynecological pathologies;
  • reduction of the risk of seizures with increased physical activity;
  • recovery in period of rehabilitation;
  • getting rid of headache and toothache.

Magic properties

are interesting and magical properties of stone. Since long ago, esotericists believe that balsatin provides family prosperity and protects the dwelling. Self-color protects marital love and loyalty, increases positive emotions.

Single people can gain the other half, and deteriorated relationships will take a second breath. With amethysta-balsatin, it is possible to normalize relations at work and easily overcome trouble.

Promotes in the role of the mascot sparrows gaining luck, developing intelligence and finding its place in life. Wearing jewelry will relieve anxiety, anxiety and panic fear. The mineral will help to unlock the potential of people of creative professions, as well as those whose activities are related to jurisprudence.

Universal mascot fits all representatives of zodiacal signs. Most benefit from wearing the Amulet Libra. Morganite gives self-confidence and harmonization of the emotional state.

Rams will improve health, and crystals of light purple shade will remove excess irritability.

  • Taurus stone will help in financial and love matters. Sparrow twins will allow to easily climb the career ladder, communicate with others.
  • The

  • Ruck family will get powerful protection from envy and quarrels. Pink morganite will provide good luck in creativity.
  • Lions will find an irresistible charm for the opposite sex. Peach Gem is the perfect amulet.
  • Decorations without a gold frame are shown for Dev. Such accessories will give tenacity, energy, help to choose the right way in life. Wear balsatin as an ornament is recommended to Scorpions. The crystal has no special influence on them.
  • Sagittarians will get inspiration, will be able to build relationships with interesting people. With the correct formulation, Capricorns will be able to realize all dreams. Constant wearing of the amulet will give energy to the Aquarians.

Fish will become calmer and more restrained, the mascot will help to establish relationships in family affairs.


Specific jewel needs special care. You can’t store stone in the sun. Therefore, decorations are recommended to wear either in the evening or at night.

Monthly cleaning with soap solution or alcohol is required. The crystals are washed in warm water and wiped with a soft napkin.

Synthetic analogues, sitallas, are practically not available. From counterfeiting from kuncite, spinel or fianite crystal natural distinguishes a brighter coloration.

The imitation heats up quickly, whereas the original in hand stays cool. In ultraviolet, real morganite attains a rich purple color.

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