Molly Sanden: biography, creativity career and personal life

Molly Mae Marianne Sanden is the sister of vocalist Mimmy and Frida Sanden.

The road to recognition

The biography of a future celebrity began in 1992. The baby appeared in Stockholm on July 3. In a family of three children, the girl became the eldest. The baby sang from her early years. She attended the music school of Adolf Frederick, then her education continued at Rytmus Gymnasium. Since the spring of 2011 Molly wrote music and performed it in the studio “Helges”, whose eponymous group the girl entered as a member. Along with her received her sisters as well.

In 2006 Sanden represented Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest. Since other Scandinavia countries did not take part in the event, they did not have the right to vote. Molly’s third place was therefore a record for her country.

The performer took part in the New Year’s TV program from Skansen “New Years s”, became the winner of the talent competition “Stellar Shots”.

New successes

In a duet with Magnus Karlsson, the vocalist sang one of the compositions of the artist’s album. She collaborated with other famous musicians in the country as well. Star became a member of “Melodifestivalen” in 2009, immediately advancing to the final.

In 2010 Molly took part in the dance TV show “Let`s Dance”. The singer’s partner was professional dancer Jhunathan Neslund. They came fourth.

On February 14, 2011, the Swedish version of the cartoon “Rapunzel: A Tangled Story” premiered. Sanden appeared as a voice-over actress. Her character was the main character.

Again for the competition “Melodifestivalen” the celebrity went to 2012. Her composition “Why Am I Crying” brought the performer fifth place. A new attempt took place in 2016. The lead singer co-wrote the single with famous musicians Danny Saucedo and John Alexis.

Career and Love

August 2013 was marked by the launch of the online clothing brand “My Molly”.

Reflects on the star’s musical career and personal life. From 2007 until 2012, she had an affair with singer Eric Saade. The end of their relationship, the vocalist informed fans 4 years later, on January 9, 2012 on her blog.

In the same year, she confirmed information that the breakup had been the source of inspiration for her song.

On and off stage

In August 2012, news broke about an affair between Molly and Nyle Horan. Elect is a musician of the band “One Direction”. However, the singer soon denied the details.

On February 11, 2013 Sanden pleased fans with the news of the beginning of a relationship with Swedish presenter and singer Danny Saucedo. Upvoted the information both on Instagram and in interviews. In March 2016, the couple got engaged. Molly posted a message about the event on Facebook.


singer calls music her main fascination. She confesses that she doesn’t even think about another occupation. Engaged by star and charity.

The singer prefers to spend her free time with relatives. She adores driving a car, blogs with pleasure. I really like the vocalist to communicate with the fans.

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