Miriam Fares: biography, creativity, career and personal life

Miriam Fares talent has been improving over the past dozen years. The singer doesn’t stop honing the skill.

The road to fame


biography of the future star began in 1983. The girl appeared in the southern Lebanese village of Kfar Shlel on May 3. Since childhood, Miriam has done ballet. Nine-year-old baby became the winner of the TV competition of artists of oriental dances. Training the rising star took place at the National Academy of Music.

The popularity of the aspiring dancer was brought by the program “Fawazeer Myriam”. The performer in various styles demonstrated 30 dances in video clips, accompanying them with her vocals. Singing her was praised highly.

The 17-year-old vocalist won the prestigious Studio Fan 2000 competition. In 2003, the celebrity secured a contract with “Music Master International”. She debuted the singer with the album “Myriam”. The hit was the song “Ana Wel Shouk”, played on national radio and television. Miriam later founded a record company.


The video clip “La Tis’alni” earned a rising star in Egypt the Best Young Artist award. A new compilation “Nadini” was released in 2005. Three years later, fans received a third disc, “Bet’oul Eih”.

In 2008 the celebrity starred in advertising “Sunsilk” and “Freshluk”, in 2009 she realized as a film actress. In the painting “Silina”, Miriam played the main character.

On the first day of September 2011 a new compilation “Min Oyouni” was released. The singer’s own company, “Myriam Music”, acted as producer for the album. In 2014, work began on the dramatic telenovella “Ettiham” featuring the star.


vocalist presented her fifth album of 13 compositions in early 2015. “Aman” is aged in the familiar Gulf style, but includes songs in Egyptian and Lebanese dialects.

Career and family

About her personal life the entertainer is in no hurry. She was credited with high-profile novels, but there were no official rebuttals or confirmations from the singer. Miriam’s chosen, and later husband, became businessman Danny Mithira (Mitri). The couple formalized the relationship in August 2014, after a decade-long affair. In 2016, in early February, the union was marked by the appearance of a child, son Jayden.

The artist isn’t afraid to experiment with looks. Information about plastic surgeries performed the celebrity denies. She argues that all changes are the merits of stylists and make-up artists exclusively. Doesn’t forget to mention the star and himself, of course. It is her efforts and efforts to always look immaculately not insignificant for maintaining the stage image.

Popular Arabic music has undergone a change due to a promising singer. Fares added a national flavor of her style. Each appearance of the performer on stage was accompanied in a new way, and the concerts were turned into memorable shows.

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