Mirel (Mirele): biography, creativity, career and personal life

According to Eva Ivanchikhina (Eva Lea Mirel Gurari), music helps to understand what it is necessary to just feel. Only then are personal experiences and emotions transformed into a creative basis.

The path to fame The biography of

a future celebrity began in 2000. The girl appeared in Rostov-on-Don on July 7. From childhood, she took an interest in music. Eva sang in the children’s choir, learned playing the ukulele.

In 2016, the family moved to Israel. Mirele’s singing career began there. Daniil Shaikhinurov paid attention to the art exhibited in social networks under the pseudonyms Baby Myu and gurari Eva. The idea of creating the duo “We” came after a face-to-face meeting of young people.

February 2017 saw the first release of the new collective, the album “Distance”. It was composed by compositions in indie pop style. The creativity of the group distinguished the infill with sincerity.


soon appeared and the second part of the release. The main theme musicians chose the relationship of their peers, the pain of break-ups and love without reciprocity.

The final part of the musical trilogy appeared in the fall. Fans praised the young people’s labour results. The clips deserved quite a bit of approval as well. They have been compared to short films and love. The video for the track “Possibly”, having gained over 10 million views by 2019.

The professionals paid attention to the promising team. Media personas were interested in him as well. The duo publishing house “The Village” in 2018 included the list of bands with the most anticipated album listeners.

A new round of success

By that point, the team started disagreements. Guys were increasingly leaning about continuing creativity individually. However, together they still released the track “Raft” and gave information about upcoming concerts and a new disc.

The album “Closer” was compared to the dialogue of lovers who lived through all stages of the relationship, from love to hate, and kept the warmth of feelings. The fans called melodic and sincere the collection “Blige 2″ appeared in the autumn. It was approved by critics as well.

After releasing the novelty, Eva left the band. She embarked on a solo career under the name Mirelle. The singer presented the disc “Liubol”. The piercing compositions told about personal experiences that gave impetus to songwriting, as the vocalist herself admitted.

Life outside the variety

Besides music Mirele is fond of drawing and photography. She likes reading. Eva is fluent in several foreign languages.

About personal life the girl talks a little. She mentioned that a serious relationship had ended for her with a mental injury. But in the summer of 2018 she started a new novel, which inspired the singer.

Gurari presented a new compilation “Cocoon” in 2019. The tracks in it feature, mostly sad. Inloud accompaniment to the vocalist guitar and downtrodden electronica.

The singer’s plans include service in the army. Eva is confident that this type of activity will give her the opportunity to develop and personal growth.

In the social network “VKontakte” on the official page of the group posted information about the reunion of the duo in 2020. In the future, participants will present new projects.

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