Milicevich Ivana: biography, career, personal life

Ivana Milicevich is a model and actress. In one of the motion pictures, she was the girlfriend of a James Bond opponent, starring in many famous films.


Milicevich Ivan was born in April 1974. It happened in the Croatian city of Sarajevo. This city used to refer to Yugoslavia. When at the end of the 20th century, Sarajevo became a country of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

When the girl turned 5, her family came to America, Michigan with her. Here Milicevichi and settled. At the age of 7, Ivana went to the first class of school. Sometime during the vacation, she went to Chicago for a photo shoot in fashion magazines. The girl noticed, offered to work as a model

Careeras an actress

When Ivana graduated, received secondary education, then moved to the city of Los Angeles. Here she became involved in the stand-up comedy genre. This stage debut occurred in 1992. And after 4 years, the future famous actress gets her first film role. On set, she meets Tom Cruise, who also starred in that movie “Jerry Maguire”.

2001 became significant for Miličević Ivana. She starred in the acclaimed film “Vanilla Sky”.

After 5 years, the girl is in another film work, in the movie “Casino Royale”. Here Ivana is Le Chiffre’s girlfriend, who stood up to James Bond.

In 2008 Ivana was invited for one of the central roles. It was a comedy called “Stalless Defense.”

Still creatively gifted girl starred in screensavers for computer games. Here she turned into a Soviet officer.

In 2010 Miličević is starring in the major TV series “Hawaii 5.0″. A year later, she is involved in a comedy film that was called “How Much Have You Got?”.

Personal life

The actress doesn’t like to poster her. It is known that she comes from a Croatian family, that Ivana has a younger brother, whose name is Tomislav Miličević. He devoted himself to rock music.

Tomislav can play many instruments, including piano, violin, guitar. When the youngster was 16 years old, he left for the army. Tomislav said that if he had been in Yugoslavia at that time, he would have fought at the front at 17 years of age.

If you pay attention to Ivana’s Twitter, an early 2018 photo captures the moment she works in a music studio. It can be seen that the girl has a very rounded tummy. So in 2018 she became a happy mom.



began filming in 1996. Then it was one debut film. And already in 1997 filmography of the actress was supplemented by five works at once. The next year was no less fruitful, when the girl managed to also star in 5 movies.

Later years also showed how much Miličević is a sought-after actress. So far, she has more than 60 film works.

It remains to wish this American actress of Croatian origin all the best, health to her and her baby.

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