Mikhail Muromov: a brief biography

Childhood and adolescence

The fate of this versatile gifted person does not fit into the standard framework of a questionnaire or biographical essay. There were times when Michael toured with his songs around the country and even traveled abroad. However, even to professional TV viewers he remained unfamiliar. Then came the period when Muromov’s voice sounded not only from the TV, but even from every iron or vacuum cleaner. The popularity of the performer rose, figuratively expressed, to heaven. And once again came times when the singer and composer retreated into the shadows.

Mikhail Vladimirovich Muromov came to light on November 18, 1950 in an intelligent Soviet family. His parents resided in Moscow. His father worked as a senior researcher at the Hydraulic Systems Research Institute. Her mother taught the theoretical foundations of electrical engineering at the Moscow Institute of Chemistry and Technology. Michael grew up an active and inquisitive child. Already at an early age he was attached to sports. The boy attended the swimming pool and boxing section. When age came, he was enrolled in a physics and math school.

Professional activity

Parents noticed the musical abilities of Michael and defined him to music school. Talented and energetic little man easily combined classes in these educational institutions. He organized a vocal-instrumental ensemble at the school, which was called Crystal Cacti. The children played songs of Soviet composers at dances and rest evenings. Michael and himself wrote lyrics and music for her ensemble. After school, Muromov entered the meat industry institute and successfully graduated from it in 1971. As a graduate student, he obtained patents for three inventions that are used to this day in the production of meat products.

After graduation, Muromov was called into the ranks of the armed forces. Mikhail faithfully served the prescribed term and returned to the citizen decided to seriously engage in musical work. He was one of the first in Moscow to acquire a synthesizer and set up his own recording studio. He recorded one of his songs “Bird Blue Wing” in a duet with singer Olga Zarubina, popular in the early 80s. On television the song “wasn’t allowed”, at the same time it dispersed across the country in millions of copies on cassettes.

Mikhail Muromov gained

recognition and personal life

All-Union fame in 1986, when he released a record with the song “Apples on the Snow”. All free women of the Soviet Union fell instantly in love with the singer. The variety then featured “Ariadne”, “The Witch”, “Strange Woman” and other Michael hits. The singer toured all regions of the USSR and even performed in Afghanistan.

You can tell about the singer’s personal life for a long time or get off with a couple of phrases. Muromov entered into a legal marriage only once. Three years later, the family boat ran aground. The loveable performer and composer could not deny attention to women. So far, he lives alone. However, acknowledged his four children out of wedlock. Not just acknowledged, but also in every possible way helped and supported them materially until adulthood.

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