Mikhail Krupin: biography, creativity, career, personal life

Childhood and youth

 Mikhail Lvovich Krupin held various positions in the regional management structure. In the summer of 2016, deputies of the regional Duma elected him as children’s ombudsman. This is a significant and highly responsible post. In this area of responsibility, it is not possible to work sleeves and to be formally treated with the challenges at hand.


future Commissioner for the Rights of the Child came to light on 23 March 1972 in an ordinary Soviet family. The parents resided in the famous city of Yaroslavl. His father worked on the railroad. The mother worked as a therapist at a polyclinic. Michael grew up a physically strong and sociable boy. He studied well in school. Loved math and literature lessons. He was active in sports. When the time came to choose a profession, Krupin decided to get a profile education at the higher military finance school, which he graduated in 1994.

Administrative activity

When Krupin received the diploma of economist and the rank of “lieutenant”, the army was already carried out massive reduction. Having retired from the ranks of the armed forces, he began his professional career “on a citizen”. For two years, Mikhail held a technical position in the regional Office of the Federal Tax Service. He studied all the subtleties and nuances of the current tax system. He then headed the Taxpayer Rights Fund for four years. During this period he passed a course of study at the Law Department of Yaroslavl University and qualified as a “lawyer”.

Krupin’s professional career folded gradually. Without bright ups and scandalous lapses. Beginning in 2000, he held various positions in the energy companies of the area and region. In autumn 2011 Mikhail Lvovich was elected chairman of Charitable Foundation “Council of Patrons of Yaroslavya”. In this position, he showed his organizational and entrepreneurial abilities. Soon Krupin was elected deputy of Yaroslavl Regional Duma. He served on the Budget and Youth Committee.

In the summer of

2016, Mikhail Krupin was appointed Commissioner for the Rights of the Child. Following his official duties, he made a significant contribution to the development of patronage service, increased funding of children’s institutions and the development of children’s sports.

The personal life of the Ombudsman developed safely. Michael resides in a legal marriage. Husband and wife raised and raised three sons.

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