Mikhail Kondratyev: biography, creativity, career, personal life

The best series in which Mikhail played is considered TV project “Karpov” (2012). According to the story, the main character Karpov, who had previously served in the police and had a position, money and power, got into a difficult situation — he lost everything and forced to work as a security guard in a warehouse. And when he sees an ad about the search for a dangerous criminal, decides to find him to at least somehow rehabilitate. Kondratyev played an operatic in this series.


Born Mikhail S. Kondratyev in Moscow in 1986. His family is not related to theatre or cinema, however Misha has dreamed of becoming an actor since his early years. He could perfectly portray anyone, that is, the talent of reincarnation had since childhood.

Also Misha was a sporty young man – he was engaged in rowing, and in this sport showed considerable success.

After graduation, fate abandoned Michael to Voronezh, and there he entered the Voronezh State Academy of Arts to be educated as an actor of dramtheater and film. His mentor — Sergei Alexandrovich Nadtochiev — was pleased with a diligent student and constantly said that if desired Kondratyev could become a great actor, because he has an undoubted talent.

Indeed, with such data as Michael, it is quite possible to prove himself in any role: he plays well on guitar, violin and piano. At the university, students were taught dance, and he quickly mastered the subject — he became a good dancer at the level of the basic course of the academy. Could have gone further to improve his skills in this regard, but decided that he did not need it yet.

Career of actor

After entering the university, Mikhail decided to gain experience of theater actor at once, and in his second year asked to join the Voronezh Youth Theatre as an actor. Soon he began to be trusted with small roles in this theatre, and he played in different plays. The most famous in his theatrical portfolio were the performances “Krechynski’s Wedding”, “People and Mice”, “The Nameless Star”. In “Kreczynski’s Wedding”, he had a starring role, and he played it on a professional level.

After receiving his diploma as an actor, Kondratyev went to Yaroslavl to join the Russian Academic Drama Theatre name Volkov. During his time in theatre, he managed to prove himself a versatile actor capable of reincarnating himself into any character. The proof of this is the fact that in the play “Beautiful World” he performed two roles at once, in the play “Songs of Our Time” played three roles, in the play “Snow Cuteryma” – three roles. Also, his piggy bank was replenished with roles in performances of “Khanum” and Concert”.

The young actor wanted to expand the scope of his profession, and he decided to go to Moscow and try himself as a film actor.

His first experience became very successful — he played one of the main roles in the TV series “Prosecutor’s Verification”. After that, the employee of power structures became his chief in the cinema, and he more than once put on a uniform for this or that series.


‘s personal life

is very secretive in terms of personal life, so nothing is known about his loved ones. At the moment, he’s mostly invested in his creativity.

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