Mikhail Golubev: biography, creativity, career, personal life

When people find out that Mikhail Golubev is an artist, are interested in what he draws, what style he works in? The painter himself says that he cannot characterize his work in a nutshell, because it is part of his soul.


The Life Way of Mikhail Golubev began in 1981. It was then that he was born in Stavropol. The future famous artist entered a comprehensive school in Omsk, as by this time the family had moved to this city. After graduation from school â„–85, Mikhail passed exams at the State Pedagogical Institute. He was preflated by the Faculty of Fine Arts. The young artist became a graduate of this educational institution in 2002, at the same time he received a diploma of higher education.

Creative start

In the same year his first exhibition was held. It took place in the gallery of Omsk city.

Then there were exhibitions in other galleries, in the state museum of art of the city, in the state Novosibirsk Museum of Local History.


works of a young artist who made a worthy contribution to the development of art of his native land and country were exhibited in Novokuznetsk, Tomsk, St. Petersburg, Moscow.

Paintings of young giving are available in private collections of various countries, including in Russia.

Masterpieces of young giving As you

know, paintings of artists are able to tell a lot about their creators. Therefore, it is advisable to dwell on some paintings of the painter.

The painting “Alley of Light Myths” is imbued with mystery, it is mesmerizing.

Against the background of slender pyramidal poplars, figures of ghosts are clearly visible. The trees on this canvas look very picturesque. Using different shades of green and white colors, Golubev created fluffy branches.

His other work, which is titled “The Haunting Artist”, also features white robes. On this canvas, people carry a cross on which sits the artist painting his canvases.

It would seem that the canvas, written using oil and acrylic, called “The Wind Hunter”, has an uncomplicated plot. A slim man in white clothes with sachk holds a children’s toy in his hand, with the help of a turntable he tries to catch the wind. But the lone figure against the backdrop of the sea clearly has a deeper meaning.

Fans of bright colors will surely like the motley canvas, which is called “Exile from kindergarten”. But the plot of this work is not very fun. From the glittering rainbow of the world across the bridge, children raved into a shady corner filled with sadness. They put their heads down, as the kids don’t like them being expelled from kindergarten.

Mikhail Golubev created many canvases, among which there are landscapes, portraits, images of animals. From this variety, everyone will be able to choose the only one that you want to admire constantly.

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