Mikhail Botvinnik: a brief biography

Starting conditions 

To achieve meaningful results in any kind of activity, a person needs certain qualities of character and capable of perception of information intelligence. Mikhail Moiseyevich Botvinnik was able to strictly regulate his actions and efforts, engaged in scientific experiments, and harmoniously combine them with chess classes. Drawing up a plan of work for the day, he took into account that by a certain hour the body needs rest and meals. Difficult matters requiring mental strain, he delayed to late evening.

The future Grandmaster and World Chess Champion came to light on August 17, 1911 in a family of dental technicians. At that time, the parents lived in the Finnish town of Kuokkala. Father and mother were active in the struggle to liberate the working class from bourgeois oppression. They spent several years in Siberian exile. After the October Revolution of 1917, the family moved to Petrograd. At school, Michael studied well. His favorite subjects were literature and mathematics. The game of chess, by modern standards, Botvinnik learned late — at the age of 12.

Tournaments and championships 

The Grandmaster himself later noted that he had fallen into a favorable environment. Chess was played by almost all residents of the city on the Neva. The prestigious chess club, under the leadership of the international class master of sports Pyotr Romanovsky, operated under the Leningrad Palace of Culture. Botvinnik was taken away by the game, and he became involved in chess seriously. When he turned 14, the young chess player became the city’s champion among adults. After graduation, Michael was not accepted into the institute because he was only 16 years old. But he brilliantly performed at the championship of the USSR in chess and fulfilled the norm of the master of sports.

Botvinnik entered the Polytechnic Institute, in parallel with his studies doing chess. In 1931, the student becomes the winner of the 7th national championship. Then for a short period is distracted from tournament wrestling, doing science. In 1938 he was third in the international tournament in the Netherlands. The war shifted all schedules and plans to hold competitions. It was not until 1948 that Botvinnik won a difficult qualifying tournament and won the title of World Champion. Mikhail Moiseyevich became the sixth world champion and the first of the Soviet chess players to win this title.

Recognition and personal life

The legendary chess player has achieved great success in scientific activities. Botvinnik defended his doctoral thesis, dealing with the problem of artificial intelligence. Motherland appreciated the works and results of the scientist and chess player. Mikhail Moiseyevich was awarded the Orders of Lenin, the “October Revolution”, the “Red Banner of Labor”.

The personal life of the world champion developed safely. He only married once. His consort was ballerina Gayane Davidovna Ananova. Husband and wife raised and raised a daughter. Mikhail Botvinnik died in May 1995.

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