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Michelle Brown was born on June 10, 1976 in Buenos Aires. His father is actor Carlos Brown, who played in the film “No Exit” and TV series “Nano”. In the days when Michel was born, Argentina had a military dictatorship. He wanted to become an actor since childhood. As a youth, he passed a casting call for a role in the TV series “Babies”. Musical comedy directors – Martin Mariani, Jorge Oneglia, Hernán Abraamson. Brown’s character is Thomas. The action takes place in an orphanage.

At 20, the actor left for Mexico. Brown often changes residency; he enjoys traveling. In 2013, the actor married Colombian model Margarita Muñoz. Michel’s wife is 11 years younger than him. Marguerite is in movies. She can be seen in the TV series “Heirs del Monte”.

Beginning of career

After “Babies”, the actor was invited to play the role of David in the musical series “Dreams of Youth”. The story tells about the formation of a group that includes 7 people. The drama directors are Benjamin Cann, Manolo Garcia. Leading roles in the series went to Maria Sorte and Otto Sirgo, Eugenia Cauduro and Nora Salinas. Brown could then be seen as Christian in the TV series “What Is Love”. The main character set herself the goal of becoming General Secretary of the Stock Exchange. The directors are Eloy Ganusa, Carlos Eleazar Sanchez. The drama was shown in Mexico and Estonia. Michel was then invited to play the role of Ricardo in the TV series “With the Vetter”. The action of the Mexican drama takes place on a university campus. Brown has a pretty prominent role in the series. His set partners included Alejandra Urdain, Montserrat Ontiveros, Gabriela Roel and Mark Tacher.

In 2003, the Colombia-US co-production series “Secret Passion”, featuring Michel, began screening. He got the role of Franco. According to the story, he lives together with his brothers and sister, who has had an affair with a married man. The actor later appeared in the TV series “Fall in Love!”. His character is Mariano, one of the central heroes. Other lead roles were performed by Mario Zaragoza, Marta Cristiana and María Inés. The story tells the story of the relationship of a couple whose love is constantly subjected to checks by life circumstances. The next series in which Michelle starred was the drama “I’ll Teach You to Love”. He was given the role of Pablo Mendes. The directors of the series are Mauricio Cruz, Agustín Restrepo. Together with Michel, the main characters were played by Miguel Varoni, Danna García and Catherine Ciachoke. Brown was reincarnated as the son of a businessman who is involved in raising bulls for bullfighting.


In 2006, the actor was invited to play the role of Diego in the TV series “Cruel Love”. In this melodrama, he played the main character. His partners are Mauricio Islas, Paola Andrea Rey, Jorge Cao and Luli Bossa. The following year, Brown played in the TV series “Mother Moon”. His character is Ángel, who vies with his father for the heart of a beautiful lady. Then there was a role in “Physics or Chemistry”. The character of the actor is Miguel. The story tells about the relationship between students and teachers. In 2009, Michel played Sebastian in the feature film “Frendzone”. The Spanish comedy is about a guy who has fallen in love with a girl believing him to be a friend.

That same year, Brown was invited to the TV series “Shadow Dance”. He played Miguel Toro in it. The action takes place in a hotel. The undercover protagonist investigates the murder and falls in love with one of the bandits, unaware of his essence. In the crime series “Butterfly”, the actor was given the role of an officer in the anti-drug distribution agency Amauri. He falls in love with a woman, and endangers the entire operation to capture a major criminal. In 2011, the actor played Diego in “Failure”. In this action film, Brown has a starring role. His partners are Jorge Luis Moreno, Laisha Wilkins and Damayanti Quintanar.

2012 brought Michel the role of Mathias in the TV series “The Rey Family”. The actor character is a newlywed. Along with his spouse, he moves in with relatives, where it turns out that his wife grew up in the family of their old enemies. Brown could later be seen as a guest on the American comedy show “Tonight with Platanito”. In 2013, the series “Señor Ávila” began, where the actor played Daniel. The directors of the Mexican thriller are Fernando Rovzar, Giorge Eduardo Ramirez, Alejandro Lozano. Michelle then reincarnated to Santiago, a plastic surgeon and clinic owner in the TV series “The Perfect Deception”. His partner and best friend is in love with his spouse and jealous of Santiago.

In 2014, Brown played Eric in “Marry If You Can”. The comedy director is Marco Polo Constends. In the same year, he starred as Diego in the TV series “Unrestrained Love”. His partners in melodrama included Ana Ciocqueti, Paulina Davila, Patricia Garza, Patricia Castañeda. The following year, Michel played Armando in the drama “Parallel Paths”. The plot is based on the substitution of children in the maternity hospital. Brown later performed the role of Gerardo Duarte in the TV series “The Centaur Woman”. It is a co-produced thriller by the United States, Mexico and Colombia. In the film “The Unmannered”, he appeared as Alex. The comedy was shown in Colombia and Argentina.

In 2018, the actor starred in the title role in the TV series “Falco”. Michelle’s character — a detective and an exemplary family — gets a bullet in the head and goes into a coma for many years. In the same year, the actor played in the TV series “To Love to Death”. Other lead roles went to Angelica Boyer, Alejandro Nones and Arturo Barba. Among Brown’s recent works is the role of Pedro in the TV series “Hernan”. It is a historical drama co-produced by Spain and Mexico.

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