Michael Oldfield: biography, creativity, career and personal life

Michael Gordon Oldfield works in almost every style, from classical to electromusic. The author has made a huge contribution to the development of many directions in music, but his merits in the development of progressive rock are the most important.

The path to recognition

The biography of the future musician began in 1953. The boy appeared in Reading on 15 May in the family of a doctor and nurse. The music in the house was always heard. Influenced by guitarist Bert Windon’s work, Michael began playing guitar.

His career began at the age of 13. Oldfield composed music, played in local clubs. Together with his older sister Sally, he created “The Sallyangie”. In 1969 the singers album “Children of the Sun” was released. The new collective “Barefoot” created Michael with brother Terry.

In 1970, work began on the team “Whole World”. Then there was the idea of creating “Tubular Bells”. Released on May 25, 1973, the hit turned into the most famous composition of the musician. The author played 20 or more instruments, used multi-layered recording. The title track is recognized as the forerunner of the New age. In a week, the novelty turned into “number one.”

Groundbreaking critics called the compilations “Hergest Ridge” and “Ommadawn”. In 1975, the musician received a Grammy.

Vocal parts for the album “Incantations” were performed by Sally Oldfield. Written in 1979 by the composer, the theme was used in “The Space Movie”, a documentary on the decade of the “Appolo-11″ mission.


With the arrival of the eighties the author changed the direction of creativity He wrote instrumental compositions, traditional singles and cover versions of well-known works. Incredible popularity brought author and singer Maggie Rilly the song “Moonlight Shadow” in 1983. The soundtrack to the motion picture “The Killing Fields” was created in the same period. Only of the rock pop compositions consisted of the CD “Earth Moving”, presented in June 1989. The author first soloed in the collection “Amarok”.

The musician did not stop experimenting with styles. The softness of the new age sound was celebrated by listeners in the new album “The Songs of Distant Earth”. In 1992, the composition “The Song Of The Sun” was written for the compilation “Voyager”.

In the project “MusicVR”, the composer connected virtual reality and music with a computer game. The first experience was the 2002 “Tr3s Lunas”. The work came out on double CD. The release of “Tubular Bells 2003″ presented fans with a successful disc spared from the imperfection of Seventies technology. The music is used in the game “Maestro”.

Music and Family

In 2007 Oldfield published an autobiography, “Changeling”, and in March the following year presented the album in classic “Music of the Spheres” style. As best classical compilation was nominated for receiving the “Classical Brit Award”. In 2012, the composer performed at the opening of the Olympic Games in London. At the end of January 2017 fans received a novelty, the compilation “Return to Ommadawn”.


is eventful and personal life of the musician. The first marriage did not last long. Virgin spokeswoman Sally Cooper was the new elected. The union had three children, sons Luke and Dougal and daughter Sally. The couple separated in 1986.

Anita Hegerland became mum to Grata Marie and Noah Daniel. In 2003 Oldfield married Fanny Vandekerkhov. Sons Eugene and Jake showed up. The couple broke up in 2013.

“ The Wizard of a Thousand Overlays” believes that inspiration most often comes to him during motorcycle trips. The musician is also fond of aircraft modeling, planes and cars.

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