Maxim Mrvica: biography, creativity and career

Maxim Mrvica’s name is given to the annual competition of young performers.

The road to success


biography of the future musician began in 1985. The boy appeared on May 3 in the Croatian town of Šibenik. In the family no one was engaged in art, but the passion of the son parents approved. Maxim attended music school. The boy’s giftedness teachers noted immediately.

The eight-year-old schoolboy realised he dreamed of becoming a professional pianist. Classes were not interrupted even during hostilities in Yugoslavia. The family with a fifteen-year-old youth had to leave after four years full of the dangers of life.

Maxim in 1993 took part in the festival held in Zagreb. The public and jury were subdued by the charisma and talent of the 18-year-old guy. Mrvica won the main prize of the competition. This event is considered by the pianist to this day the most striking of his career. No one could believe that the winner was engaged in during the war in Šibenik.

Then there was study at the music university of Zagreb. After 5 years, the student continued to improve in skill at the Conservatory of Ferenc Liszt Budapest. In Paris, where Maxim then engaged with Igor Lazko, the musician won the prize of the prestigious festival.


After returning to Croatia, the artist recorded in 2001 the first album to receive the Croatian counterpart “Grammy”, the “Porin” award in four categories.

Tonki Hardick introduced fellow impresario Mel Bush. Collaboration began. With the manager’s submission, Mrvica made a bet on mixing styles and novelty sound.


CD “The Piano Player” came out in 2003. In the countries of Asia it became gold, in the homeland of the musician – twice platinum, enjoyed huge success among listeners. The highlight of the collection was the author’s interpretation of “Flight of the Bumblebee” by Rimsky-Korsakov.


tour of Southeast Asia took place in 2004. Performances by the pianist of the show with special effects, and the concert itself was broadcast on video projector. The performer also looked unusual. The combination of classical and electronic sound gave Mrvica new fans and the growth of the world ranking.

New achievements

At the end of summer 2007, the musician in China was presented with the “CCTV Film Awards”. In October started work on the disc “Pure”, in early summer 2008 the collection was presented through the site. The 2010 compilation “Appassionata” was praised as well.

In no small part he glorified Mrvica’s performance of the works of Tonča Hulžić, a Croatian composer. Nostalgic feelings in listeners evoke “Croatian Rhapsody”.

About the personal life of the musician little information. It is known that the pianist was married., has a child, a daughter.

Maxim continues to delight the public with his creativity. In 2018 he presented the compilation “New Silk Road”.

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