Maxim Kudryavtsev: biography, creativity, career, personal life

Childhood and adolescence The character of

 a person is formed not only by the social environment, but also by natural conditions. Sibiryakov since a long time consider people strong and reliable. Maxim Georgievich Kudryavtsev passed the initial tempering in his native places. The future Deputy of the State Duma came to light on August 29, 1975 in an intelligent Soviet family. Parents lived in the village of May Day famous Biysky district of Altai Krai. His father worked as the director of the Gorno-Altai state farm – technical school and taught history. Her mother worked at the same technical school as a chemistry and biology teacher.

Maxim grew and developed in a favorable environment. From an early age he was accustomed to creative work. The boy worked not only on the vegetable garden. Adults took it with them to taiga, to collect berries and mushrooms. As a teenager, he and friends engaged in fishing. As a high school student, he was active in tourism and orienteering. He was fond of rafting on mountain rivers. When it came time to choose a profession, Kudryavtsev decided to get an education at the Faculty of Radio Engineering at Novosibirsk Technical University.

Production and public activity

In 1998, having received a diploma, Kudryavtsev starts a production career from the position of equipment maintenance engineer in Gorno-Altai telecommunication hub. A young specialist takes part in the reconstruction of the enterprise. Outdated analog equipment is replaced with new, digital equipment. In 2002 Maxim was appointed assistant director of the branch of JSC “Sibirtelecom”. In 2011 he is transferred to the position of director of the Omsk branch of the company “Rostelecom”. Another year later Kudryavtsev was transferred to the city of student youth Novosibirsk.

In autumn 2015, Maxim Georgievich was elected deputy of the Legislative Assembly of Novosibirsk Oblast. In this position, he had to deal with transport, industry and media issues. A year later, Kudryavtsev was elected deputy of the State Duma on the lists of the United Russia party. In this position, he became a member of the Committee on Information Policy, Public Affairs and Emerging Technology. In a short period of time he co-authored many legislative initiatives and amendments to the Federal Acts.

Recognition and personal life

For a significant contribution to the development of legislation of the Russian Federation awarded a diploma State Duma. Maxim Kudryavtsev was awarded with commemorative medals “For contribution to the development of the Novosibirsk region” and “80 years of the Novosibirsk region”.


MP’s personal life developed safely. Maxim Kudryavtsev resides in legal marriage. Husband and wife raise and raise a daughter.

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