Matthew Reese: biography, creativity, career, personal life


biography and personal life

was born on 4 November 1974 in Cardiff. He has an older sister Rachel Evans. She is a BBC journalist. Rees was educated at the prestigious Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London. The actor was awarded a Patricia Rothermere Fellowship. Matthew’s partner is actress Keri Russell. She has starred in the films “August Rush”, “Ordinary Magic” and “Planet of the Apes: Revolution”. In 2016, the couple had a son, Sam. The actor is a member of the Druid Order Gorsedd for his contributions to the popularisation of the Welsh language.

90’s In the 1990s

, the actor played in several TV series and films. He had just begun his acting career. He could be seen in the crime series “Colombo” about a dispersed detective who always manages to find a criminal. The actor was then invited to play the role of Darcy in the TV series “Masterpiece Theatre”. The melodrama received an Emmy. Leading roles went to Alastair Cook, John Neville, John Standing and James Villers. The series has been going since 1971 and already consists of 41 seasons.

In 1999, Matthew was invited to play the role of Sean, who was run over by a girl under the influence of drugs. The thriller was popular in Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain, France, Argentina, Japan and Iceland. Reese then got the role of Ray Smith in the comedy “What Happened to Harold Smith?”. The film was presented at the London International Film Festival. The actor later went through a casting call for a role in the film “Titus is the Ruler of Rome”. The historical drama was nominated for an Oscar. The picture was seen by guests of the Titanic International Filmpresenc Film Festival and the Oldenburg International Film Festival.

Further creativity

In the next decade, the actor got quite a few interesting roles. One of these — the role of Matthew Bishop — took place in the miniseries “Metropolis”. The directors are Glenn Wilhyde, Tim Whiteby. In the same year, the actor played Carl in the drama “Finding a Brother”. The film was presented at the Filmfest München Film Festival and the Irish and British Film Festival. Reese then began working in the TV series “Simon Schama: A History of Britain”. The lead roles in the historical drama went to Simon Schama, Michael Kichan, Samuel West and Lindsay Duncan. In parallel, he played Jonathan in the film tape “Taliesin Jones”.

In the film “Peaches”, Matthew could be seen as Frank. The comedy was shown at the Cork International Film Festival and the Austin Film Festival. In the television drama “The Real Anne-Marie”, the actor performed the role of Nob. The director and screenwriter of the musical comedy is Sarah Shugarman. He was then invited to play the role of Edward in the television film “The Lost World”. It is a fantastic adventure drama co-produced by the UK, US and Germany. In the “Tabloid” picture, Reese starred as Darren, the scandalous talk show host and lead character. His next role came in the 2002 film “Arrows”. The crime drama was presented at the Netherlands Film Festival. That same year, he could be seen as James in “The Kidnappers Club”. It is an adventure action co-produced by the UK, France, Ireland and Germany.

The actor also appeared in the film “On Death Guard”. The military thriller was screened at the Sitges International Film Festival, Fantasporto International Film Festival in Portugal, Fantasporto Film Festival, Moscow International film festival. In the film “Colombo Likes Nightlife”, Reese played the same hero as in the series about a famous detective. The director of the detective is Jeffrey Rayner. 2004 brought him a role in the picture “Cheaters”. The character Matthew is one of the main characters, Nick Edwards. The crime comedy was screened at the Wisconsin Film Festival.

He then played Peter in “Love and Other Disasters”. Reese’s character is a scriptwriter of unconventional orientation. In 2006, the actor was given the role of Lord Byron in the drama “That Handsome Brammell”. The director of the historical picture is Philippa Lawthorpe. He later starred in the TV series “Brothers and Sisters”. In 2007, Matthew could be seen in the film “Virgin Territory”. The following year brought him roles in the paintings “Forbidden Love” and “Viewing: The Edge of Love”. In 2009, the series “Archer”, featuring him, began.

Roles of recent years

In 2010, Riza was invited to play the role of Mateo in the film “Patagonia”. According to the story, the married couple are about to move in search of a better life. In the same year he could be seen as Joseph in the painting “The Enemy in Reflection”. The main character is a businessman who is tormented by insomnia. Matthew has played in the TV series “The Mystery of Edwin Drood”, “Girls”, “The Americans”, “Death Comes to Pemberley”, and “Horse BoJack”. In 2011, Reese starred in the short film “Everything Reports Me About You”. The following year, Matthew played the twins in the film tape “Scapegoat”. In 2014, the painting “Under the Hay of the Milky Forest” featuring the actor was released. The drama director is Pip Broughton.

In 2015, Matthew starred in 3 projects — the miniseries “The Executioner”, the picture “In May Do Whatever You Like” and the film “Chief Adam Jones”. Among the actor’s recent roles are Daniel in “The Secret Dossier”, Lockwood in “Mowgli”, Billy Winters in the TV series “Death and the Nightingales”, a reporter in “The Torture Report”. In 2019, the film “A Beautiful Day Next Door” was released, where the actor was given the role of Lloyd. The picture was nominated for an Oscar and a Golden Globe.

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