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Biography and Personal Life The

 actress’s full name is Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio. She was born on November 17, 1958 in Lombard in Illinois in the United States. The actress has Italian roots both along the lines of her father and maternal lines. Mary was educated at the University of Illinois. Her stage debut came in 1980. She participated in the Broadway production of “West Side Story”. Mastrantonio is not only an actress but also a singer.

Mary’s husband is Irish film director, screenwriter and producer Pat O’Connor. He directed the films “Sweet November” and “Circle of Friends”. The couple’s wedding took place in 1990. Mary’s spouse is 15 years older than her. Two sons were born in the Mastrantonio and O’Connor family. Jack came to light in 1993 and Declan in 1996 (according to some sources in 1997). Mary starred in 2 Pat paintings — “Fools of Destiny” and “January Man”.

Mary Elizabeth began acting in films in the 1980s.

There are quite a few successful films on her account. In 1983, she performed the role of Gina in the crime drama “Face with a Scar”. Al Pacino went to the title role. The story tells the story of Cuban refugees who sent in search of happiness to America. The painting has been presented at the Rome Film Festival, the Digital Film Festival and the Tribeca Film Festival. The drama was nominated for a Golden Globe. The actress was then invited to play the role of Edda Mussolini in the “Mussolini” miniseries co-produced by Yugoslavia and the United States. It consists of Season 1 and walked in 1985. Mary has one of the central roles. Her partners were George C. Scott, David Suchet, Spencer Chandler and Lee Grant. The series ran in the United States and Japan.

The following year, she received one of the lead roles in Martin Scorsese’s sports drama “The Color of Money”. Her heroine is Carmen. At the center of the story is a professional billiards player. The film won an Oscar and was nominated for a Golden Globe. The painting was presented at the International Berlin Film Festival and the Mediterranean Film Festival in Montpellier. In 1987, Mastrantonio played the title role in the US-UK co-production detective thriller “Dance of Death”. Her heroine became Helen. The film was presented at the Cannes Film Festival and the Toronto International Film Festival.


In 1989, Mary played Bernadette Flynn in her then-still-future spouse’s film “The January Man”. The film tells the story of the confrontation of a serial maniac and police. The actress’s partners included Kevin Kline, Susan Sarandon, Harvey Keitel and Danny Aiello. That same year, Mastrantonio received one of the lead roles of Lindsay Brigman in James Cameron’s fantasy adventure thriller “The Abyss”. The story is about the wreck of a nuclear submarine. Work on this painting was given by Mary Elizabeth very difficult. In interviews, she admitted that filming was tense and hard psychologically. Mastrantonio’s torment was not in vain, however: the film received Oscars and Saturn.

In 1990, the actress starred in another picture of her spouse, “Fools of Destiny”. Mary has a central role. Her heroine is Marianne. The melodrama was screened at the Toronto International Film Festival. That same year, she was invited to play the role of Maggie in “Class Action”. The actress has the main female role. She plays a lawyer’s daughter who has followed in her father’s footsteps. They had to become adversaries in the courtroom. The drama was shown at the Moscow International Film Festival, where it was nominated for an award.

In 1991, the actress took part in a television version of the famous play “Uncle Vanya”. Her heroine is Elena. Other lead roles were performed by David Warner, Iain Holm, Iain Bannen and Rebecca Pidgeon. That same year, she could be seen as Marian in the US-UK co-production Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. Her partners included stars such as Kevin Costner and Morgan Freeman. The adventure action film has had a great success in many countries. It was nominated for an Oscar, Saturn and Golden Globe, and won a British Academy Award. Mary Elizabeth later began work on the TV series “Presentation”. She got the role of Elena. Simultaneously, she played in the film “White Sands” and starred in the picture “By Mutual Consent” as Priscilla Parker.

The actress was then offered the role of Eileen in the TV series “Frasier”, which ran from 1993 to 2004. In 1995, she could be seen in the film “Three Wishes”, a “Quatertak” painting as Louise. In 1999, Mastrantonio starred in the film “Oblivion”. Her heroine is Donna de Angelo. She could then be seen as Moira in “My Merry Life” and as Cindy in the television picture “Witness Protection.” 2000 brought Mary the role of Linda Greenlow in “The Perfect Storm”. The following year, she starred as Natasha Fox in the drama “Tabloid”. In the same year, she was invited to the famous TV series “Law and Order. Criminal Intent,” which ran from 2001 to 2011. In parallel, she starred in another TV series — “Without a Trace”. In it, she got the role of Ann Cassidy.

In 2003, a short painting, “Standing Places Only”, featuring Mastrantonio, was released. The actress received the role of Maria. A year later, she could be seen as Jane Allison in the television movie “The Brooke Allison Story”. The actress later worked on a role in the 2008 drama “The Russell’s Daughter”. 2 years later, the series “Blue Blood” began, with Mary Elizabeth playing Sophia. In the 2011 TV series “Grimm”, the actress received the role of Kelly. Also Mastrantonio can be seen in the TV series “Hostages”, “The Blind Zone”, “Areas of Darkness” and “The Punisher”. In 2017, she was invited to the television film “Salamander” for the role of Senator Helen Barrett.

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