Mark Rozovsky: a brief biography

Starting conditions 

The fate of this man is like an adventure novel. The future playwright and composer was born on April 3, 1937 in a family of Soviet engineers. At that time, the parents lived in the distant city of Petropavlovsk-on-Kamchatka. Father, Semyon Schliedman, and mother, Olga Klemp, after graduation were sent to the easternmost point of the country for the construction of a ship repair plant. The child was not one year old, when the father was arrested by false denunciation and sentenced to a long sentence. Rehabilitated a shipbuilding engineer only after eighteen years.

A year later, the grandmother took her grandson and daughter to her home in Moscow. Here her mother married Grigory Rozovsky, who gave his surname and patronymic to his stepson. The boy already at an early age showed extraordinary abilities. Early learned to read. Easily memorized the verses and melodies of songs that were heard on the radio. In school, Rozovsky studied well. He actively participated in social events and in artistic self-activity. After receiving his matriculation certificate, Mark decided to join the Faculty of Journalism at the Moscow State University.

Creative path

Already in the first year Rozovsky became a regular participant of amateur student Our Home Theatre. It was for fate to have an energetic and talented student take up the post of artistic director, and led the theatre until 1969. During this period Mark received a profile education in the Graduate Course of Screenwriters and Directors. His production of “A Whole Evening Like the Damned” won the special prize of the international competition of student theatres in Warsaw. In 1974, Rozovsky led the Moscow Music Hall as artistic director.

At the

same time, he had the energy, in the status of a “nominating” director, to engage in performances in theaters of Leningrad, Riga and other cities. After long and persistent requests, Moscow has a new drama theatre “At Nikitskaya Gate”. This was made possible thanks to the incredible efforts of Mark Rozovsky. Beginning in 1983, the new subbridges put plays based on the works of Zoshchenko, Karamzin, Babel and Rozovsky.

Recognition and personal life

Sincere admirers of Mark Rozovsky’s talent do not tire of being surprised at how he can work fruitfully as an administrator and engage in creativity. For his great services in the field of art he was awarded the honorary title “People’s Artist of the Russian Federation”.


director’s personal life folded according to the dramatic plot. Currently, Mark Rozowski resides in his fourth marriage. Husband and wife raised a son. About his two daughters from previous marriages the mastic director does not forget.

Currently, Mark Grigorievich continues to work on new productions in his native theatre.

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