Mark Barton: a brief biography

Starting conditions The

 profession of psychologist is very popular with the population of civilized countries. Nor is Russia an exception in this regard. Mark Viktorovich Barton is one of the leading experts in psychology. He serves as a co-host on various Russian Television channels. Conducts thematic relationship seminars and consultations for people caught up in a difficult life situation. Writes books and films videos for various Internet resources.

The future physician of human souls came to light on August 5, 1981 in an ordinary Soviet family. The parents resided in the famous city of Tiraspol. The parents were people believers. The boy grew observant and balanced. At school, Mark did not do well. He played sports. He participated in social events. When Barton received the matriculation certificate, it happened in 1998, the borders of the independent state of Moldova were already opened. It was not the family board that decided that the graduate needed to get an education in the US.


professional activities

went over the ocean and enrolled at Brooklyn University Theology. Back in his school years, he showed an interest in the mysteries of the human soul and consciousness. During his period of study, Mark participated in the events of the charity, which assisted children with vision pathology. After completing the course of study, the certified theologian returned to his homeland and tried his hand at practical activities. After feeling a lack of knowledge, Barton enrolled at the University of Tiraspol for the Department of Psychology. In parallel with his studies, Mark created the project “Draw blind children” and found support in the countries of Europe and the CIS.

After a while, Mark concluded that it would be more effective to focus his strength and knowledge on one, certain direction. His experience has prompted him that very serious problems arise in paired relationships. Family psychology specialists were clearly lacking. Barton began advising married couples and doing appropriate training sessions. In a special direction, he highlighted the theme of domestic terror. Unfortunately, this segment of the relationship accumulated a lot of contradictions.

Recognition and personal life The

professionalism and practical results of Barton’s activities proved to be demanded by society. The expert is regularly invited to television talk shows. He always analyzes in detail the situation that is discussed on air. Politicians, showbiz stars and middle-class representatives come to Barton’s consultation.

Barton’s personal life developed safely. A variety of practices and techniques Mark uses at home as well. He has lived in legal marriage for many years. Husband and wife raise son and daughter.

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