Mariah Carey: biography, creativity, career and personal life

Singing talent Mariah Carey inherited from her mother, an opera singer. She started singing when she was three years old. The parent became her daughter’s first teacher.

The road to success


biography of a future celebrity began in 1970. The girl appeared on March 27 in Huntington in the family of an aeronautical engineer. Maraya became the third, youngest child.

Parents separated when the baby passed 3 years. The brothers started working early, so often the sister spent time alone. This has noticeably affected the future star’s character. After school, the graduate went to New York City. She labored as a waitress, was a backing vocalist.

From 1990 began the collaboration with Tommy Motolla. He became the producer of the singer’s disc “Mariah Carey”. Commercial success has emboldened both. In 1991 a new, equally successful, compilation “Emotions” was released. The performer won her first Grammy award.

In 1993 the third album “Musicbox” was released with the hit “Hero”. Together with Whitney Houston, the singer recorded in 1998 the soundtrack for the cartoon “Prince of Egypt”. The composition “When you Believe” became a hit.


She began her work with R&B and pop music vocalist eventually moved to hip hop. The new direction formed the basis of the collection “Rainbow”, presented in 1999. During the same period, a celebrity’s film career began. She starred in the film “The Bachelor” as Ilena. The film portfolio stars more than a dozen works.


new rise in popularity was marked by the 2005 album “Emancipation Of Mimi”. The most successful of her entire career as a vocalist was her 2006 touring tour. Each concert was held with an enschlag. In 2010, together with Justin Bieber, the celebrity recorded the Christmas single “All I want for Christmas” and starred in the music video.

In 2018, the singer’s fifteenth compilation album “Caveat” was released. Compositions in the genres of contemporary hip hop soul, pop and rhythm and blues have been praised by criticism, with the album itself approved for structural integrity. The vocalist’s work was named her best in a decade.

Family and Career

In 2018 Carey was nominated for a Golden Globe for her single to the cartoon “Guiding Star”.


star’s personal life did not settle immediately. The star’s first selection in 1993 was its producer Tommy Motolla. However, the couple separated in 1997. A new family happiness gained celebrity with rapper Nick Cannon in April 2008. On April 30, 2011, twins, boy Morokcan Scott and girl Monroe appeared. The marriage lasted 6 years.

In 2015, a relationship with James Parker began; however, the novel quickly concluded. The failed relationship is dedicated to the song “I Don’t”, which premiered in February 2017.


new celebrity selection was a dancer from her team, Brian Tanaka. A post about her affair the singer made at the end of 2016.

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