Mahomed Malikov: biography, creativity, career, personal life



the Motherland of Mahomed Malikov is a Dagestan village of Aymaki, where the athlete was born in 1983 on March 26. The family of Magomed Malikov is big – parents raised seven children. Magomed has three sisters and three brothers. The future athlete graduated from the rural comprehensive school and entered the physical education faculty of Pedagogical University of the Dagestan capital. After receiving higher education, the young man served his time in the army and, after demobilization, devoted his life to professional sports.

The beginning of the journey

His combative career began with participation in hand-to-hand combat tournaments. Mahomed Malikov is the master of sports in this type of single combats. His successful performances brought the wrestler a huge number of awards. The Dagestan athlete is the prize-winner of such competitions as the all-Russian tournament, the Caspian Cup, the world championship of the mixed single combats. Mahomed won the World Cup in combat sambo. The sports club, whose honor is defended by Mahomed Malikov, bears the multi-significant name “Fortress”. For his contribution to the development of sports Magomed Sharabudinovich was awarded the title of Honored Worker of Physical Culture of the Republics of Dagestan and Ingushenia.

Malikov’s first performance in mixed single combats competitions took place in 2010-2011 when the stages of superiority “Honor of the Warrior” took place. After winning the qualifying round, the athlete was waiting for a deafening performance in the final — he in the first battle with Dmitry Poberets, the defending world champion, knocked out the opponent. However, Malikov couldn’t resist such experienced fighter as Baga Agayev.

Sports career

The next significant victory came to Magomed Malikov in 2011, when in Anapa at the FightStar tournament the athlete showed complete superiority over all opponents.

In the same year the fight with the famous Alexander Emelyanenko took place. The fight took place for 23 seconds, followed by a technical knockout. It was a sensational performance by Mahomed Sharabudinovich Malikov! The Dagestan fighter entered the elitist ten strongest Russian fighters of hand-to-hand combat. It was voted the best M-1 organization.

Subsequent years passed for the athlete fruitfully, with almost every performance accompanied by wins and the delight of fans the unparalleled power of Mahomed Malikov. Famous fight with Jeff Monson, in which Magomed produced a technical knockout to the American, is known. This historic battle took place as part of the M-1 organization tournament held in Jeyraha in the winter of 2013.

Nowadays the Dagestan athlete devotes a lot of time to community work. He participates in the political life of the republic of Dagestan, being a role model for young Dagestans.

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