Lyudmila Novikova: biography, creativity, career, personal life

Facts of biography

 About Lyudmila Novikova’s childhood and youth know quite a bit of facts. She was born in Moscow, at a very difficult time for our country – in August 1991 (August 5). It is known that for the summer the girl was sent to the village to relatives, where she had a friend Olga, with whom they were very close friends. When, at 18, Mila learned about the early death of her friend, she realized: at this point her childhood was over.

After school Mila Novikova entered Lomonosov Moscow State University (Moscow State University) at the faculty of in journalism, majoring in television and radio journalist, she received a bachelor’s degree in 2014. And since the girl studied in the evening and correspondence department, she devoted her free time to theater education.

At first, she was trained at the School of Drama by the Russian director Herman Petrovich Sidakov, receiving a diploma in “Drama Theatre and Film Actor” in 2012. At this School, Herman Sidakov applied to students the system he created for training and training of directors and actors. Its meaning is that a group of student-directors closely interacts with a group of student-actors, improvising, gaining experience and knowledge directly in the process of preparing different genre and content performances. At the School of Drama, Lyudmila Novikova played roles such as Sarra in A. P. Chekhov’s play “Ivanov”, Nastasya Filippovna in the play “Idiot” according to F. M. Dostoevsky, and others.

From Mila Novikova’s theatrical acting works of this period, one can also highlight the mezzanine monoplay “Memories of Edith Piaf” directed by Pyotr Vishnevsky.

In addition to the School of Drama, Mila Novikova acquired acting skills in Klim (Vladimir Klimenko) theatre workshop, open at the Experimental Theatre “Practice”. Eventually, the girl realized that for a serious acting career it is necessary to get a serious education, and entered the famous “Shchuka” — Boris Shchukin Theatre Institute – on the course of Vladimir Anatolyevich Sazhin.

Work in the theater

By the time of graduation in 2018, Lyudmila Novikova was already quite an actress, who played quite a large number of roles in theatre and film.$ Among her theatrical works are the role of Viola – Caesario in the play “Twelfth Night” based on the play of V. Shakespeare. This performance was staged by director Vladimir Mirzoev at the Kurazh Theatre in 2017.

In addition, Lyudmila Novikova collaborated with Partizan Theatre, created by young director and theatre figure Donatas Grudovich, whom Mila met at the Praktika Theatre. At the Partizan Theatre, Novikova played in the performances “Bullet Collector” directed by Ruslan Malikov (Ona) and in the performance “FUCKINGAMAL” by Donatos Grudovich himself.

Filmography of

actress Mila Novikova begins in 2011, when she starred as a correspondent in the unfinished film “Saska is alive!”. Numerous film invitations followed and the actress participated in one or more films each year. In 2012, they were the roles of Lucy Chigis in “The Rose of Farewell Winds” and the Whore in the short film “The Whore”; in 2013, Novikova played the lead role in the film “One Way Out” and also starred as Alice in “The Point” The year 2014 was particularly fruitful for the actress’s film career: filming in six films — “Transit”, “Ment in the Hand-9”, “Mediator”, “Practice”, “Temptation”, “Translator”.

In later years, the actress starred in such motion pictures as “Related Feelings” and “The Sun as a Gift” (2015), “Love as a natural disaster” (2016), “Light from the World” (2018). In the film “Day of Reckoning”, Novikova played the lead role of Katya (2017).

Producer and screenwriter


young and energetic actress is in constant creative search. So, in 2013, she wrote the script herself, produced the film herself and starred in it in the lead role. We are talking about a short picture “One exit”, directed by Vsevolod Arabin, music composed by Andrey Krotov. The scenario is highly tragic and philosophical: two girlfriends blame each other for the death of their thirds of their girlfriend, and each of them considers themselves innocent. But all these disputes do not lead to anything – the person is no longer to return.

About actress

Mila Novikova plays various roles in film and theater, but most of all she likes negative characters. According to her, she would like to play all the villains of the world and the universe. Along with experiments in work, Mila constantly experiments with her appearance: the actress appears before the audience that brunette, then blonde, then chokes braids, then makes supershort “male” ” haircut. Mila speaks English and Spanish, leads an active lifestyle: engaged in snowboarding and martial arts, horse riding.

Personal life

Lyudmila Novikova does not plan. In the acting “video card” of 2017, Mila admitted that she very much wants to fall in love — so that butterflies in her stomach were plugged, legs flew, eyes burned, and in the air smelled like something incredibly pleasant. The actress was not married at that time, and there was no information about her family at all.

However, in 2019, “married” status appeared on the actress’s Facebook page, and the cover photo shows her not as “Mila Novikova”, but as “Mila Zhukova”. However, it is still authentically unknown — whether she has a husband, children and in general a family.

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