Luc Merville: biography, creativity, career and personal life

Haitian-born entertainer Lacknerson Merville is in movies and continues to sing in the band “Rudeluck”. He as a soloist works in R&B, tropic, soul styles.

The path to calling


biography of a future celebrity began in 1968. The boy saw the light in Haitian Port-au-Prince on October 20. The family of the head of a limousine sales company lived for a time in both Canada and the United States. Seventeen-year-old Merville returned to Quebec, the country he calls his real homeland, to embark on a career.

Together with a pal, Rudy Toussaint, in 1987 Luke founded the band “Rudeluck”. In 1992 the team participated in the festival “L ‘Empire des Futures Stars”, becoming the winner of the competition. In 1993, the team presented an album in tune with the name of the ensemble.

Great success was achieved by the performance of the team at the Quebec Summer Festival and “Francofolies de Montreal” in 1994. There happened the musician’s acquaintance with Luke Plamondon. The band played on “Printemps de Bourges” and “Francofolies de la Rochelle” in France.


In 1996 Merville released a solo English-language CD. The following year, the performer became a contestant on “Fete du Canada” and the “Francopetes” gala show.

In the miniseries TV project “Sauve qui peut”, the vocalist was given the role of Christopher Étienne. Also he was invited to the musical “Notre-Dame de Paris” in 1997. In Cocciante and Plamondon’s upcoming show, the musician’s character becomes Klopen. After a triumphant start, Luke became part of the artists of the English version of the production. He moved to London, and in 2000 listeners received a new solo album, “Luck Mervil”.

In 2003, Merville’s professional career on Canadian television began. He hosted the reality show “MixMania”. After 5 years, the artist became the host of “3950″ on “TV5″.

Creativity and family

Successfully folded and film career. In 2001, the singer got the role of François Dembelle in the painting “Betty Fisher et autres histoires”. He then played a taxi driver in “The Book of Eve”, was Dedonnais in “C’est pas moi, c’est l’autre”. In amplua, the actor and composer appeared Merville in the project “Le Got des jeunes filles”.

As a vocalist the performer continues to perform with the band “Rudeluck”, does not stop solo work. In 2003 fans received the CD “Soul”, and in 2009 the compilation “Ti peyi a” was released.

There is

little information about the entertainer’s personal life, although Merville does not hide staying off stage. He’s a big father. Two daughters were born in their first marriage. The musician’s spouse was then Canadian actress Tanya Cantoianni. Baby Luke appeared in their family.

The artist represented the Canadian Centre for International Studies and Collaboration. The author then initiated the creation of his own organization of such profile “Vilaj vilaj”.

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