Love and relationships in novels by contemporary writer Julia Kameneva

Love has as many shades as people live on the planet. And yet in this infinite variety it is possible to highlight certain patterns, draw parallels and, guided by the understanding of human psychology and personal experience, write noteworthy books. Their heroes will become some collecting images. And the situations through which they will pass, will be close and familiar to many, which will allow, based on the writer’s proposed options of development, to solve their own problems.

Yulia Kameneva is an author who speaks to her audience about relationships. She views them in different angles. However, the theme of love between a man and a woman is one of the leading ones in all her four books — “Give Me a Poodle”, “Let’s Ride”, “Friendly or Love” and “The Seventh Kootyk” . The characters of the stories don’t resemble each other at all. And therefore the emotions they experience differ drastically.

So Olga, who is told about in the work “Give me a poodle”, looks at the world through an egocentric lens. She loves not the specific person who is next to her, but what he has to offer her. Living according to a plan that changes according to fashion and momentary desires, she perceives this feeling as a passion combined with satisfaction of personal needs and ambitions, $ which have arisen here and now under pressure from circumstances and public opinion.$ At the same time, Hope from the novel “Let’s ride on horseback” tends to love quiet, sacrificial, devoid of demanding. Patience and expectation are two main manifestations of her feeling. She can forgive and give her heart not for a reason, but contrary to logic and common sense. But, if the situation forces, can live independently without relying on someone else’s shoulder. After all, she has the willpower for change and a new beginning if there is a psychological or physical need for it.

The novels “Friendly or Love” and “The Seventh Kowyrok” are difficult to view in such a narrow vein, as they have many heroes. On the pages of these books, Yulia Kameneva turned full, having managed to show all the diversity of possible relationships. It is both a Platonic feeling on the border of love and friendship, and a fierce passion sweeping away obstacles, and the choice of a partner for a better life and a successful motherhood, and sacrifice in the name of a dear man, and full dependence on his soulmate and his desires, and heroic feeling, implying the desire to make a happy loved one… In a word, as in life, there is space in the works of the writer for fantasy and diversity making each story unique. Collected all together within a single book, they are meant to highlight how unique each individual is and what a strong dependence it is on the society in which it exists.

What book Yulia Kameneva should read first to better understand the author’s true attitude to the question? It probably makes sense to pay attention to the novels “Let’s Ride Horseback” and “Friendly or Love.” There is more hope in them, in the rays of which it is easier to walk down the dark tunnel of life. And this bright perception is typical of the author’s mentality. In the works “Give Me a Poodle” and “The Seventh Kowyrok” , the tension and more instructive, which is also typical of Yulia Kameneva’s work. Heroes have to sort out their own mistakes, again and again going through hard trials and difficult choices to perhaps one day get a chance to fix everything and catch the bird of happiness in their networks. Are they amorous? That’s a different question. And it certainly sounds on the pages of all the books of the writer.

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