Loreen: biography, creativity, career and personal life

Parents of the future star, natives of Morocco, in Sweden settled before the birth of their daughter. And Lorine Sineb Nora Tolhaui decided to become a singer as a child.

The beginning of the road to fame

The biography of the vocalist began in 1983. The baby appeared in Stockholm on October 16. Soon, the family with seven children, where Lauryn was the eldest, moved to Westeros. The timid and hesitant baby attended several circles in which she studied to sing.

His professional career began in 2004 participating in the “Idol” competition. His candidate didn’t become the winner, but reached the final. From 2005 to 2011 she hosted TV programs, realized as a producer, producing three reality shows.

Again to vocals the girl returned in 2011. At the “Melodifestivalen” selection project, she performed the song “My heart is refusing me”. The composition did not win the top spot, but became a European hit. For her track, the singer won the “Gaygalan” award as for song of the year.


With new powers the artist took part in the contest in 2012 with “Euphoria”. Lauryn managed to shake the jury with music entering trance in a semblance: she received a ticket to “Eurovision”. The performance in Baku brought the star 18 highest points. And Loreen became a favorite at the beginning of wrestling.

A number featuring Osben Jordan on the public made a mesmerising impression. The views of the listeners were shackled and to the vocalist herself, shaking everyone with an amazing yoga dance. And strong vocals complemented the performance, making it a win-win. Loreen was the fifth participant from Sweden to win the championship palm.

In October 2012, the artist presented her first album “Heal” .She took part in songwriting for it.

On and off the stage

From the press the artist hides her personal life. It is known that during the “Idol” vocal contest, the star met Daniel Lindstrom. An affair began between the vocalists. However, three years later, the couple separated.

In one interview, the star admitted that finding his soulmate to her is very difficult as any strong personality. And loneliness doesn’t hurt her. According to the singer, the main thing in the relationship is not appearance, but soul.

The music video “Ride” singer presented at the end of 2017. She starred in two images at once. According to the performer, the song completed a trilogy started by “ ’71 Charger” and continued by “Hate The Way I Love You”.

December was on a Christmas tour of Sweden. At the beginning of 2018 from “ELLE” Loreen was nominated for the “Image of the Year” award and won the “Scandipop Awards” for Best Song.

Lauryn runs an Instagram page. On it, the vocalist lays out working shots. There are almost no personal photos in the account.

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