Little big group: Creation history

Whatever the cost of tickets for “Little Big” concerts is provided to musicians: fans never miss idol performances.

The idea of creating


History of the collective began in 2013 with the April 1 joke of a video blogger from St. Petersburg Ilya Prusikin or Ilyich. He came up with the music video for the single “Every Day I’m Drinking”, his creation recorded and posted online.

The video instantly attracted universal attention. All users split into two groups: one approved of satire, the other commented negatively on the actions of the guy and his friends. But there was no indifferent. The idea proved successful.

Frontman and founder of the collective Ilya Prusikin in 2003 started a musical career in the emo-rock band “Tencor”. In 2013 the musician fully formed his own principles and created his collective “Little big”.

Successful start

Bright newcomers were invited to perform with the South African band “Die Antwoord” to warm up the hall. A month before the July concert, the team recorded 6 new songs. All the compositions the public accepted perfectly, and the guys made sure that the group took place.


children presented their debut album at the end of March 2014. The team toured in Europe, was praised by the public. The music video “Give Me Your Money” appeared in early fall 2015. At the Berlin Music Video Awards, the video was third in the Best Performer category.


musicians presented a new compilation “Funeral Rave” at the end of 2015. The album amounted to 9 tracks. The disc climbed to number 8 of the domestic “iTunes” chart to number five of “Google Play”. One of the team’s most provocative pieces was the song and music video for it, “Big Dick”. The video instantly went viral.

New Achievements

Song “Polyushko Polye” also entered the album. All the footage from the most beautiful corners of the country was filmed by fans of the team, sending their works to musicians. Filmed in March 2017, “LollyBomb” video in Los Angeles won the prize as best video. In 2017, the guys with the German electronics team recorded the song “Nightlife”.

The team’s own label combined “Little big”, with domestic hardcore punk folk band “The Hatters”, singer Irina Bold, spouse of Prusikin, performing under the pseudonym Tatarka, the collective “Bread”, by rapper Lizer and Israeli rave musicians “Orgonite”.

By 2018, a mix of punk, rap and rave dominated the team’s music. This is noticeable by the compilation “Antipositive”. An electric guitar was added to the sound. A new hit was the composition “Skibidi”.

In early 2020, the team starred in the horror “Go to Daddy” in Hollywood. And on March 2, 2020 it became known that musicians will become Russian representatives at Eurovision. On March 12, for the first time the backwater hit “Uno” was played.

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