Lindsay Stirling: biography, creativity, career and personal life

The virtuoso play of Lindsay Stirling captures from the first sounds, and the clips of celebrity are short films in which everything is understood without words, and instead of the hero soloises a violin. It is impossible to take the look away from the plastic flexible girl. In the clips she was both a mischievous elf, and tried on the image of a rock star, and a medieval beauty.

The road to recognition

The biography of a future celebrity began in 1986. The child appeared in the town of Santa Ana on September 21 in the family of a teacher. The music in the house was always heard. Lindsey decided to play the violin at age 5. From six the baby started to work out. Training lasted 12 years.

The girl played works of classics and contemporary composers, but dreamed of combining music with choreography, as she adored dancing. Children’s hobbies she successfully matched later on stage. Together with friends, the sixteen-year-old girl created the rock band “Stomp On Melvin”.

Lindsey began composing violin music in high school. She performed her works for the first time in front of the public at the local competition “National Jr. Miss Pageant” in 2005, becoming the winner. Stirling enrolled at Brim Young University, however, the student did not interrupt her creative career.


First fame brought entry to the “America’s Got Talent” competition. The audience remembered and appreciated the participant. The collaboration to the flamboyant contestant was offered by clip-maker Davin Graham. Together they shot in 2011 the beautiful music video “Spontaneous Me”. The video with the simultaneously playing and dancing performer quickly gained millions of views.

It was

necessary to achieve such skill long. The girl trained hard, and before that honed to perfection the game. The debut proved so successful that it was decided to continue the work. More and more new videos were appearing on “Youtube”. There are also videos about the life of the artist. Lindy plays with famous musicians as well.

In 2010, listeners were presented with the first album of the performer “Lindsey Stomp”, and the studio compilation, named by the name of the violinist “Lindsey Stirling”, appeared in 2012. The celebrity made a tour of the country, in 2013 performed in Europe and Russia.

The “YouTube Music Awards” award in 2013 brought to the artist the video “Radioactive” recorded with the band “Pentatonix”. Compositions occupied the top lines of the “Billboard” charts. The albums sold in record runs. The violinist was nominated for the 2014 “Billboard Music Awards” for electronic and dance music.

Life on the Stage

A new disc “Shatter Me”, no less successful than the first, was released in 2014. It won the “Billboard Music Awards” in 2015. In 2017 the performer was awarded the same award for the collection “Brave Enough”.

Work on the album “Artemis” was completed in 2019. A total of 13 compositions in the collection. The violinist toured the country with the Winter 2019 tour, concluding performances on Christmas Eve. The artist’s repertoire includes electronic contemporary and dance music, classical, rock and hip hop, as well as cover versions of songs and own compositions.

Little is known about Lindsay’s personal life. She is unmarried, although there is information about her affair with Davin Graham.

The artist leads a page on “Instagram”, where she puts pictures that are taken on rest or during work.

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