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biography and personal life


Li Chin was born on November 8, 1948 in Shanghai. The actress died at the age of 69 on 22 February 2018. She died in Hong Kong. The star’s real name is Lee Goying. She was the youngest child in a large family. She had 8 siblings. When she was 5, her family moved to Hong Kong. Since childhood, the actress starred in Shaw Brothers studio projects. At 15, she signed up for acting courses under this film company. After, Lee received several minor roles. She played with Linda Lin Dai and Lin Bo. When the actress was 16, she was invited for a bigger role in the painting “The Fairy of the Lake”. For this work, Chin won the award in the Best Actress category at the Asia Pacific Film Festival.

The actress acted in films of all genres – musicals, dramas, action films, historical and erotic. She could be seen in Zhang Chae’s paintings. Lee appeared in kun-fu films. The collaboration between Chin and Shaw Brothers film company lasted until the mid-1970s. Then she acted in a few more pictures and was doing the production of films herself. In 1983, the queen of Asian cinema announced the end of her career. Along with the roles, her love story ended. She was dating fellow shopkeeper Tee Lun. Together they played in 5 films. Lun Ti married actress Man-min Tao. In 1980, they had a son — actor Sean Tam.

Chin closed herself and stopped attending film events. She was not seen in public, she did not give interviews or express a desire to communicate with colleagues in the film industry. Her only friend from a past life remained director Meng Hua Ho. The last years of the actress’s life went very hard. She was found to have oncology. The body of a lone Asian film star was discovered some time after her death due to a characteristic smell coming from her apartment.


In 1964, the actress played in “Between Laughs and Tears”. The drama is about the love between a student and a singer. Beautiful and talented girl wanted to be presented as a gift to the leader of the gang, but her chosen one managed to save her beloved. In the same year, the actress could be seen in the painting “Shan’s Last Woman”. The drama was screened in Hong Kong, the United States and South Korea. Li’s next role came in the film “The Story of Xiu San”. The director and screenwriter of the musical film is King Hu.

The following year, Chin sang two lead roles in the musical fiction picture “The Fairy of the Lake”. The film’s director is Li Kao. The actress’s set partners included Ivy Ling, Chen Yunhua, Kwong Chi Chung and Miao Ching. Chin then played Lingzhi in the film “Lotus Lamp”. The drama’s director and screenwriter is Fen Yue. The actress could be seen in the Western Chamber film. The character of the actress is Hung Nyang’s maid. According to the plot of musical melodrama, the scientist falls in love with the daughter of

Lee was later invited to the 1965 musical “Palace Mysteries of the Song Dynasty”. According to the story, a blind woman gets to the judge and tells her difficult story. The following year, Chin could be seen in the film “Knight of the Knights”. The director of the adventure action film is Sit Kwan. Lee played in the lead role of the drama “Savage”. The actress’s heroine is Jin Xiaofang. This combative beauty decided to marry only what in the art of singing compares to her herself. Then there was the title role in the 1967 film “Sweet Revenge”. The action begins with a reception in the home of a well-off person. During the holiday, his house was robbed. The thief managed to injure, but he fled. The offender got into the house next door where the doctor lives. The officer’s son decided to frame the doctor and accuse him of deliberately harboring the thief. He did it to eliminate his rival. The slandler is in love with a doctoral bride. The criminal saves the doctor to restore justice.

The actress then performed the lead female role in the historical drama “The Emperor with My Face”. It is the story of the Emperor’s twin who seized power. Li could later be seen in Meng Hua Ho’s family melodrama “Shanshan”. She next starred in the painting “Stealing the Sword”. The plot tells of a precious sword that has been sneakily stolen. Chin received a role in the painting “Lian Seo”. It’s a drama about a beautiful girl who avenged her father’s death. She killed the enemy and then fell into a well and died. In 1968, Chin played in the film tape “Hong Kong Rhapsody”. In the same year, she could be seen in the painting “Sword to Sword”. 1969 brought her roles in the films “Five Killers”, “Indomitable Fist”, “Deadly End” and “There is a Sword — I can travel”.


In 1970, Lee could be seen in the painting “Whose Child in the Classroom?”. Chin’s character is administrator Helen Lee. The story tells how a school chemistry teacher began to take care of a child who was abandoned. By random coincidence, the administrator of the school in which the chemist works became his youthful love. In the same year, the actress starred in the painting “Valley of Fangs”. In this adventure action film, Lee has a starring role. It is a story about a naive emperor, a devious minister and a scholar who has been jailed without guilt. The following year, Chin appeared in the films “Eagle King”, “The New One-Armed Swordsman”, “Revenge of the Snow Girl”, and “The Long Pursuit”. In 1972, she played in the film “14 Amazons”. The adventure drama is about warrior-girls. She was then invited into the painting “The Fugitive”. At the center of the story are friends who live off looting. Next were roles in the films “Besieged”, “Sexy Girls from Denmark”, “The Happy Trio”, “Sinister Seductress” and “The Golden Lion”. In 1978, the actress could be seen in the drama “A New Dream in the Red Terem”. The drama director is Han Chin.

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