Lev Barashkov: brief biography

Childhood and youth

Future pop singer appeared on December 4, 1931 in a military family. His father served as a fighter pilot in the Air Force. The mother worked as a free employee in aircraft repair workshops. The child was taught from an early age to discipline and responsibility for his actions. When the war broke out, many boys sought to get to the front. Nor was Barashkov an exception. He ran away from home and tried to secure enlistment in the active unit to become the son of the regiment. However, the deception was revealed and Leo was returned home.

After the end of the war, the family returned to the Moscow town of Lyubertsy, where they sent their father for further service. At school, Lev studied well. He was active in sports. He participated in drama studio activities. After receiving his matriculation certificate, Barashkov entered the Kaluga Pedagogical Institute. And in the student dock, he didn’t leave his hobbies. He managed to play football for the regional team “Lokomotiv”. Didn’t miss classes in the student theater. Famous theatre director Zinoviy Korogodsky was engaged with aspiring actors.

Creative activity 

After graduation Barashkov did not have to work as a teacher at school. He was invited to serve in the company of the Kaluga Regional Theatre. It was here that he knew the appeal of hypocrisy. To increase the level of acting technique, in 1956 Lev became a student of the famous GITIS. After four years, the chartered actor was accepted for service in the company of the Pushkin Moscow Drama Theatre. Several songs had to be performed in one of the performances. Unexpectedly for colleagues Barashkov perfectly coped with this task. After this occasion, he developed a taste for performing vocal numbers.

After some time, Lev was invited to become a soloist for the vocal and instrumental ensemble “Blue Guitars”. Critics at one time noted that Barashkov was not trained in the art of vocals. Natural ability, musical hearing and velvety baritone allowed him to perform songs in a trusting manner. After much hesitation, in the second half of the 70s Lev Pavlović began his solo career. The hallmark of the performer was the popular song “Main guys, heart not to age”.

Recognition and personal life


His contemporaries Lev Barashkov is known not only as a pop performer. He was invited to star in movies. For his multifaceted work, the actor received the honorary title “Honored Artist of the RSFSR”.

Personal life of the honored artist developed safely. Back in his student years, Barashkov married ballerina Lyudmila Butenina. Husband and wife lived their entire lives under the same roof. Raised and raised a daughter Anastasia. Lev Barashkov retired from life in February 2011.

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