Leonid Leonov: short biography

Childhood and youth 

 Readers and critics of the Soviet period Leonid Maksimovich Leonov is known as a recognized master of socialist realism. Today, this genre has been written off to the archive. In his works, novels and plays, he exposed acute problems of Christian morality and social values. The writer was one of the first in the civilized world to draw attention to environmental problems, which were just beginning to manifest itself. There is nothing surprising or supernatural about this, the increased insight Leonov differed from his young years.

The future writer appeared on May 31, 1899 in the family of a Russian intellectual. His parents resided in Moscow. His father was in publishing. Held a bookstore and edited one of the city’s newspapers. The mother ran a household and raised children. For participation in revolutionary activities, the head of the family was sent to Arkhangelsk. Here, an experienced journalist created the newspaper “Northern Morning”. It was in the pages of this edition that the novice writer Leonid Leonov published his first poems, essays and theatrical reviews.

Creative path

In 1918 Leonov graduated from the gymnasium and entered the Moscow University. But the swirls of the Civil War carried the young man away. Leonid volunteered joined the ranks of the Red Army. He participated in the battles on the Southern Front. He then edited the newspaper of the Moscow Military District “Red Warrior”. Returning to peaceful life, Leonid took up literary work in the most serious way. The first stories of “Buryga”, “Tuatmur” and the story “Petushikhinsky Prolom” were published in newspapers. In 1924, the novel “Badgers” came out in a separate book.

In the pre-war years Leonov became carried away with dramaturgy. This genre allows you to formulate the plot in a concise and figurative form and reveal it before the eyes and even with the participation of the audience. Plays “Volk” and “Polovchanskie Gardens” were staged by Moscow theatres. The play “Blizzard” censorship wrapped up as socially harmful. After the outbreak of war the writer is evacuated to the city of Chistopol. Here he created his best drama, “Invasion,” in which shows the heroic resistance of Soviet people to those who came to enslave the Soviet Union.

Recognition and personal life

In postwar time, the writer worked on several novels. Leonov was very disturbed by the barbaric attitude towards the forest. He struggled with the usual approach, which was hidden behind the formula – forests in Rossi for our century will suffice. In the novel “Russian Forest”, the author uncovered the main gaffes and inflammation of this old disease. The party and government praised the writer’s work. He was awarded the Lenin Prize.


writer’s personal life does not attract lovers of gossip and “strawberry”. Leonov married Tatyana Mikhailovna Sabashnikova in 1923. Husband and wife spent their entire lives under the same roof. The writer died in August 1994.

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