Leonid Gozman. Biography of a liberal.

Boy Lenya was born in Leningrad on July 13, 1950. The family is quite standard for the post-war years and stood out nothing. There is a truth moment with Leonid’s grandfather, who being called to the front from Moscow was in 1942 shot, presumably for cowardice and desertion. This fact greatly influenced Gozman’s attitude towards NKVD troops. In his understanding these are punitive troops standing on the same bowl of scales with SS troops.

After graduation, Leonid entered Moscow State University in the Department of Psychology, from which he graduated in 1976. He did not want to work for the communist regime, and he remained at the university in a teaching position. And after seven years even defended the thesis and became a candidate of psychological sciences.

Leonid Gozman’s political career began in the early 90s with a watering board of the Democratic Choice of Russia party. In the future there were many different parties and associations, which Gozman then joined, then went out. It’s both the “Right Cause” and the “Union of Right Forces”. The names of parties are quite relevant, but the ideas of these associations in the souls of people have not postponed. Apparently besides the title, something else is required.

How a psychologist met Egor Gaydar in 1992 is unknown, but Leonid becomes his advisor. Russia’s democratic choice is in full swing. There is a collapse of the country, “unnecessary” enterprises of the MIC are closed, eat “democratic” chicken legs. To improve the quality of advice issued, Gozman goes to an internship in America.

This internship raises Gozman’s level to Boris Yeltsin’s adviser. On the court 1996-1998. Half of the country is working shuttles “saturating the market” with a wide variety of products. Defense plants produce pots and these products pay off the workers. In summary, such a concept as a netting. The netting schemes involve dozens of participants.

In 1999 he became an advisor to the Chairman of the Board of RAO UES of Russia Chubais. We got rid of the protected farms that supply their products to employees of RAO UES.

Chubais took Leonid Gozman with him and appointed him director of humanitarian affairs. Here Gozman worked until 2013.

For TV viewers, Gozman became recognizable after regularly participating in TV debates. Leonid participated in many broadcasts and with different opponents. They were Zhirinovsky, Prokhanov, Mikhalkov, Khinshtein and Zyuganov. The outcome of all the TV controversy is a complete rout of Gozman himself. Viewer voting was never on his side. So imagine what he advised Yeltsin!

Interesting situation with this politician’s income. Somehow it turned out that while the country was changing vouchers for a consumer, he safely became the lucky owner of shares of large companies. Already in 2006, surrendering the declaration before the DG elections, he was the most well-off among all the leaders of the “Union of Right Forces”. Apparently democracy in a separate pocket has come.

Now Leonid Gozman is a zealous opponent of everything that happens in Russia constructive. He is not comfortable with the launch on the ISS in 2019 of Fedor’s robot. Here is such an interesting frame on the Russian political expanse.

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