Larissa Mondrus: a brief biography

Childhood Years

Future pop star came to light on November 15, 1943 in Jambul. Parents at that time lived, as is customary now to be expressed, lived in a civil marriage. The mother was an inexperienced eighteen-year-old girl. His father was trained at a military aviation school. After completing his course of study, Israel Mondrus attained the rank of lieutenant and departed for his place of further service. After that, neither his wife nor daughter ever saw him. The alimony the military pilot sent to his daughter was barely enough for two bottles of milk.

Some time later, the mother met a young man named Harri Matzlijak. After the end of the war, the three of them moved to their homeland Harri in Riga city. This is where Larissa went to school. The girl showed great musical and vocal abilities from an early age. The house had a large collection of gramplates, with records of domestic and foreign performers. Larisa actively participated in the reviews of artistic self-activity. She sang in the choir. In parallel with her vocal classes, she managed to attend the rhythmic gymnastics section.

Professional activity

After graduation Mondrus decided to get a profile education in local music school. In 1962, the chartered singer was accepted to the position of soloist of the Riga Variety Orchestra after the strictest test. Egil Schwartz, who was a close friend of Raymond Pauls, worked as the orchestra’s artistic director and conductor. Larissa found herself in a creative environment, which allowed her talent to be revealed in a short time. Pauls wrote several songs specifically for the aspiring performer, including “Blue Linen” and “Lake District”.

Larissa and Egil soon entered into a legal marriage. And in 1964, the creative couple were invited to work in the Eddie Rosner Orchestra. The couple moved to Moscow. The popularity of the charming and talented actress grew not by days, but by hours. She toured the country extensively, and in between trips recorded songs on radio and recording studios. Mondrus’s creative career was quite successful, but she had detractors in the highest echelons of power.

Emigration and recognition

After much thought and hesitation, Larisa and her husband decided to leave the USSR. In 1973, the family was granted exit visas, and moved to the German city of Munich. Mondrus, with her inherent energy, began performing at various venues. After four years, she became a well-known singer in all European countries. The fact is that Larissa performed songs in almost every European language.


singer’s personal life developed safely. She lives with her first and only husband. They had a son, Lauren, who toils at BMW auto concern. In 2015 Larissa became a grandmother; she had two granddaughters Laura and Emilia.

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