Ksenia Ryabinkina: biography, creativity, career, personal life

After the role of a Russian girl in Kapoor’s painting, Ksenia Lvovna Ryabinkina’s pictures were everywhere in India, instantly diverged souvenirs with her image. In her homeland, the spectacular grace actress performed just one notable role, Queen Swan.

The road to fame


biography of a future celebrity began in 1945. The girl appeared in Moscow on September 4 in the family of a scientist and a ballerina. In the footsteps of her mother, Alexandra Tzabel, the ballet first began to be engaged by Ksenia’s older sister Elena. Following her, the youngest entered the choreographic school of the capital.

After graduation, the girl became part of the Bolshoi Theatre troupe. The film career began thanks to the occasion. In search of the heroine of a fairy painting, director Alexander Ptushko in 1965 addressed ballet dancers.

He required a graceful and beautiful heroine, who had considerable stamina: filming was supposed to be difficult. A suitable candidate was seen by the director’s daughter Natalia: she offered the role Ryabinkina.

Star role

Totally knowing nothing about the movie world ballerina for the first time on the shooting daughter was accompanied by mother. The novice artist was very worried: she has to play with the stars of the domestic cinema. Despite the excitement with the task the girl coped brilliantly.

After the star role, a lot of offers came to the star. However, none of Ryabinkina’s scripts liked. The artist was well aware that the ballet career is not affected in the best way. She chose the theater, but after 4 years the girl received an offer, which she couldn’t refuse.

Indian director and actor Raj Kapoor suggested Xenia should star in his film. The heroine of the artist was a Russian girl, a circus Marina. The star went to India. The picture enjoyed huge success, and the performer turned after the premiere into a real Indian film star recognized as an ideal of grace and beauty.

Ballet and Film

The actress continued to dance. The Bolshoi Theatre soloist has hardly appeared in films, appearing in only a few episodic roles. She has arranged a private life. Interpreter Alexey Stychkin became the choice of the girl. The couple in June 1974 had a child, a son Eugene, subsequently a famous actor.

In 2009 Ksenia Lvovna again received invitations to film in India. In the painting of Kapoor’s sons “Chintu ji”, she once again played the Russian heroine. Ryabinkina didn’t refuse the offer.

After filming was completed, the star again took up only ballet. In 1994 she became assistant artistic director of the Kremlin Ballet. The position celebrity held until 2005. She currently teaches choreography at a private school, communicating with her five grandchildren.

In the British film adaptation of the life of the famous dancer “Nureyev. White Raven” in 2018 Ryabinkina performed the role of Anna Ivanovna Udaltsova.

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