Ksenia Dezhneva: biography, creativity, career and personal life

Among professionals, Ksenia Andreevna Dezhneva’s name is well-deserved respect. She is not only a performer, but also a vocal teacher at the Gnessin School.

The beginning of

Biography of a Future Celebrity began in 1980. The child was born in Zhukovsky, Moscow, on October 26. Grandma was perfectly versed in classical music, and Dad from his youth sang to the rock band “Paradox”.

Parents gave their daughter to both general education and school of choral art. She continued her musical studies with 1992 children’s school of arts of her hometown.

In 1996 the graduate became a student of the Gnessin school. She chose choral conducting with her future specialty. Then there was the Metropolitan Conservatory named after Tchaikovsky in the solo singing class, which Dezhneva graduated with honors, and her graduate studies.

In 2004 he started his professional career at the Jalil Theatre in Tatarstan. She made her debut as a third-student in the opera “Figaro’s Wedding”. Since 2010 the artist teaches vocal art at the Gnessin School. Ksenia also teaches the students of the conservatory, which was a graduate of herself.


Singer is soloist of the Bolshoi In 2011, she took part in the International Vocalist Competition, winning the highest award. A year later, the collaboration with Alexander Serov began. The duet with Valery Meladze was played for the first time in the New Year program in 2014. At the same time, Xenia became the winner of the vocal competition “Masterpieces of World Music” dedicated to Natalia Spiller.

Deciding to try her hand in the new amplua, the singer passed the casting and became a participant in the TV show “Main Stage”. She reached the super final, winning a special prize.

In 2020 Dezhneva again managed to amaze fans by appearing in the image of Ellochki-cannibal in the musical performance “12 chairs” in Nadezhda Babkina Theatre “Russian Song”.


plans and their implementation of

the Youth group “Classic of the genre” Ksenia created with colleagues advocating for a non-standard approach to the classics.

The artist plans the project in the form of a cycle of concert evenings “Opera and not only” at the end of autumn. The unusual format involves not only striking numbers, but also an expurse into the history of the opera.

At the Bolshoi, the star plays Alexandra Yepanchina in the opera “The Idiot”. Interesting in the production is the harmonious combination of contemporary music and strikingly spectacular scenography.

On stage and off her

Magnificent voice of Dezhneva has brought her millions of fans not only in her homeland but abroad. According to colleagues, talent, desire for high and hard work helped to succeed the star. The artist herself is sure that she owes her success to parents and mentors.

Xenia says nothing about her personal life. However, after appearance in the press of her joint pictures on “Slavyansk Bazaar” with Gleb Matveychuk began conjecture about the relationship between them. But not a single comment from the youngsters followed.


artist prefers to spend her free time with friends, travel, watch movies and read. She easily lets go of grudges and seeks to help people as much as possible.

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