Krzysztof Zanussi: biography, creativity, career and personal life

The production maker founded charitable foundations to help beginners their way in art and science, and set up schools to teach the profession. Patron is a consultant to the Vatican’s Cultural Affairs Commission.

The road to the vocation

Biography of the future director began in 1939. The child appeared on 17 June in Warsaw in the family of a civil engineer. The father sought to instill his son’s love of architecture, but the boy preferred to hold his own beliefs. Graduate education continued on the university’s physical fac.

After successfully completing his studies, Krzysztof became a student at the Faculty of Philosophy of Kraków University. Fluent in 7th foreign languages graduate until 1966 studied at the film school in Łódź.

Zanussi has been making films since the age of 18. The main prize of Mannheim as well as the prize of the International Film Festival in Venice received the thesis “Death of the Provincial”. He made his first feature film “Crystal Structure” in 1969. The work established behind him the reputation of not being fearful of considering the most complex existential problems of modern society researcher.


Since the early seventies Zanussi presented annually by several film paintings. In “Family Life”, “Spiral” and “Illumination” the uniqueness of the master in the face of a special hero was manifested. The actors could improvise, as Zanussi encouraged the reception of open dialogues.

Author’s handwriting was the motif of loneliness, the restraint of color contrasts, the tension of the plot and the precise detailing. Cinema interspersed with television projects that analyzed features.

The screenplays to almost all his works the director wrote himself. Collections by their master produced separate volumes. Works of the director with his reflections on personal life and contemporary cinema have been published. He also acted as a producer. Little attracted the master amplua of the actor, but still in two films he played.

Cinematographer and family

In the Eighties, the director became an internationally recognized production maker. The most notable work of the period is recognized as filmed in 1984 “The Year of the Quiet Sun”. In motion pictures there was a motive for the connection of man with the Absolute, touched upon eternal themes and their awareness in the modern world. In the works, the master seeks to find a compromise between opposites.


work of the master has been awarded many high awards. Zanussi from 1980 to 1989 directed the creative association “Thor”, served as vice-chairman of the Polish Union of Cinematographers.

He stages opera and theatre performances. Teaching activities are performed by production at the Lodz State Higher School of Film, Television and Theatre, national film schools in Denmark and Great Britain.

The personal life of the director also developed. His choice and wife was the artist Elżbieta Grocholska. Both have known since childhood, but a serious relationship did not begin until 30 years later. The spouse became the husband’s real assistant. Together they founded private schools and charitable foundations. Since the couple doesn’t have their children, all worries are given to students and aspiring actors.

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