Kristin Scott Thomas: biography, creativity, career and personal life

Among the ancestors of Hollywood star and Admiral Sir Richard Thomas, and famous traveller, member of the expedition to the North Pole, Robert Scott. The British actress is on “The Guardian” list of the most stylish women over fifty.

On the road to a dream

Biography of a future celebrity began in 1960. The girl came to light on 24 May in Redruth in the family of a Royal Air Navy pilot.

Christine attended Sheltenham Girls’ School and several other private schools. The graduate dreamed of the stage, so she moved to Hampstead, where she worked and prepared to enter a drama school in London.

Examiners forced the applicant to question the possibility to realize the desire, convincing of the total lack of talent. Christine went to work in Paris. In France, the girl enrolled in an art school.

Present at the final exam, director Prince suggested a talented student to play in his film Under the Cherry by the moon.” A notable step towards fame was the 1988 work in the drama “Prigorshnya of the Ashes”. Brenda Last’s role earned the performer as the most promising aspiring actress the prestigious British Evening Standard award.


Then there were “Bitter Moon” and filming in “Four Weddings and Funerals One”. The supporting role in the latter is noted as the best “BAFTA” award. In 1994 Scott Thomas participated in “An Unforgettable Summer”. In 2002, in an interview, Christine said that this picture considered the pinnacle of a career. And a little later called the film work in the film one of the best.

In 1996, the star was invited to the film drama “The English Patient”. Her heroine became Catherine Clifton. The role earned Oscar and Golden Globe nominations. Having starred in several paintings in Hollywood, the star left her career for a while.

In 2001 the performer played the main character of the play “Berenice”. Then there were filming at “Gosford Park”.

In 2011 and 2013 on the West End stage, Christine played in Betrayal and Old Times. On the stage of “The Old Vic”, the star glittered in the image of Electra in Sophocles’s tragedy of the same name in 2014.

Family and creativity

starred actress and several French films. A number of awards honored her play in “I’ve Loved You So Long”. The star’s works include both “Another of the Boleyn genus”, and “Shopaholic”.

In 2017, she played Janet in the comedy “Party”. At the same time, the actress agreed to participate in the project “Paramour”. In the thriller, the star was offered the lead role.


celebrity’s favourite was French physician François Olivennes. Three children, George, Hannah and Joseph, grew up in the marriage; however, the parents made the decision to part ways. Christine made no new attempts to establish her personal life.

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