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 Aquariumist scientist and writer Kochetov Sergey Mikhailovich is a native Muscovite. Born in 1947. Aquariumistics has been fond of since childhood. Young Sergey was attracted to local aquatic plants. He developed all the surroundings of the village Voikova, where there were many streams, waterlogged places. The first acquaintance with the famous Belgian specialist Pierre Brichar came in 1965, when Sergei Kochetov got acquainted with his work “Let’s go to the African Savannah”. The youngster wanted to see the savannah, especially the swamp.


a student he visited Leninka, chose books in catalogues, and then ordered them. At first, the range of interests was vast — geophysics, astronomy and quantum mechanics and, of course, aquariums. It was there that he saw editions of foreign authors with color illustrations that subdued him.

Activity of scientist

U S. Kochetov 3 diplomas of higher education. His PhD thesis was related to geophysics.

1972 for C. Kochetov was the year of publishing the first article on aquariumistics in the journal “Fish and Fisheries”, of which he soon became a member of the editorial board. In the 80s he took part in television programs about the aquarium craze. Since 1976 began to publish his works first in the GDR, then in the United States. Gradually, his international career folded.

He is the

author of numerous publications and more than 150 videos on aquariumistics. Since 2010 he has independently produced aquarium-themed videos. Brought and first reproduced more than a hundred new species of aquarium fish in Russia. A professional diver.

Consultant specialist and master expert

S. Kochetov is a certified specialist in technological change management and strategic planning.

For several years S. Kochetov worked for a Moscow aquarium company. He designed and decorated prestigious reservoirs, advised staff on the installation and maintenance of aquariums.

Long experience in aquariumistics gives him the opportunity to make aquarium techniques. The most favorite material for it is stainless steel. He met his longtime acquaintance once. He had an aquarium rack that Kochetov boiled back in 1967. Turns out it’s still used in the dacha.

The philosopher of time

is it possible to influence time? This question was always interesting literally to everyone. In life, people often wait long for a train, a plane, even a tram.

C. Kochetov gives a simple example of exposure to time. Common frogs in early spring smear caviar, and tadpoles are brought out. He would take caviar from the pond and place it in the fridge on the lower shelf. The development of caviar was inhibited. Thus, with the help of temperature reduction, the development time of frogs increased. So, a person manages time using a fridge.

Aquarium Harmonizer

What does a person feel at an aquarium with fish? He loses his sense of the quickness of time. Everything inside us kind of freezes and pauses. And the man at least feels happy for a while. Bright examples on this subject were given in his books by Herbert Wells.

 C. Kochetov is convinced that the home aquarium man can arrange a real focal point of harmonization. He will be as comfortable as possible, anxiety will be reduced, pressure will be lowered. On the subject, he writes in many books and articles. Suggests when selecting fish to pay attention to their colors. They will help to find harmony of contemplation.

Fish as women

It doesn’t matter who specific specialists describe the fish and what it is called, but describe them with love and such words that it seems that it is about a woman: “graceful, flirtatious”, “admiring herself”. But it turns out that fish, like women, are welded. There are skirmishes between them. They’re like they’re kicking each other. Attacks not only big ones on small ones, but vice versa. The beaten have to be separated.

The advice of an experienced aquariumist

Many years of experience in this science allowed the scientist to give a variety of recommendations, which can be found in his books, on the Internet. Topics cover specific points. For example, the care of living plants in an aquarium. There’s a memo on how to serve huge aquariums with refrigerators. How to make a reliable aquarium yourself? About this, too, you can find advice from S. Kochetov. He knows how to prepare high-quality food and medicinal food for freshwater and shares this skill with amateurs and connoisseurs. They are written memos on how to serve aquariums, how to save aquarium dwellers from diseases, how to decontaminate the water in it. He really likes taking pictures of fish. He also has a certain experience in this matter.

Freshwater — the image of his soul

For Sergei Mikhailovich Kochetov, his work has always been fascinating. It became for him the image of his soul. The contribution of this famous scientist to such a unique science for Russia is extremely significant. Among the numerous awards — medals, diplomas and diplomas — there are awards not only Russian but also international level.

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