Kitaro: biography, creativity, career and personal life

There is no professional education for Masanori Takahashi. And the glorified composer doesn’t know notes. For recording music, he uses his special method. The performer, composer, arranger and director himself creates the lighting design of the concerts. Besides, he is an excellent photographer and professional pyrotechnician. Despite numerous merits, Kitaro’s man is very humble.

The beginning of the journey to the peaks

The biography of a future celebrity began in 1953. The boy appeared on February 4 in Toehashi city. With his parents, hereditary peasants, he grew up on a farm. Music has fascinated the kid since childhood, but it was necessary to learn himself. The guy who mastered the electric guitar founded the band “Albatross”. As a drummer he performed as part of the Far East Family Band.

After graduating from the High School of Commerce in his hometown, the graduate went to Tokyo to begin a professional career on stage. In the mid-seventies, Takahashi became a keyboardist, switching to synthesizer. Klaus Schulze assisted in mastering the new instrument. Now Western and Eastern motifs have combined in the music of the Japanese author Solo performances began in 1976. The stage name became a nickname given by school friends named the character of Japanese cartoons, Kitaro.

From under the pen of the composer came out completely on nothing like music. Listeners received the first album in 1978. “Ten Kai” became iconic. The first author connected the cultures of Europe, America and the East, proving that they are able to sound harmoniously together. The compositions were heard in the telefilm documentary “Silk Road”. Meditative melodies brought worldwide recognition to the creator.


In 1979 a new collection “The Story of the Full Moon” was released. Like the debut, it is recognized as the iconic creation of the new then New Age direction. The composer himself called his works spiritual music.

In 1987, the CD “The Light Of The Spirit” was released. In 1993, the Japanese author wrote the music for the film “Sky and Earth”. She brought a Golden Globe award. And after 5 years, the tracks to the picture “The Sun Sisters” were recognized as the most original music and awarded the Golden Horse prize. For the album “Thinking of you” in 2001, the composer was presented with the prestigious Grammy Award

In 1983, the Japanese musician arranged a personal life. The marriage to Yuki did not stand the test of distance: the husband worked in America, the wife worked in Japan.

Family and creativity


second wife of Kitaro was Keiko, who played with him together on keyboards. There are two children in the family.

In 2006, the couple presented the joint work “Spiritual Garden”. Kitaro’s latest compilation album, “Sacred Journey of Ku-Kai, Volume 5″, released in 2017. In total, the master created more than fifty discs.

He continues to follow national traditions by participating in ceremonial concerts in homage to Mother Nature. They take place annually in August.

He is sure that the man is changed by music, so the master’s dream is to awaken with his works the brightest sides of the soul.

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