Kirill Molchanov: biography, creativity, career, personal life

From the biography of the composer

 Kirill Vladimirovich Molchanov was born in 1922 in Moscow. His mother — Natalia Konstantinovna — was an opera singer. Fifteen-year-old Kirill participated in the viewing of young musical gifts. During the war he served in the ensemble song and plasky. After the war he graduated from the Moscow Conservatory.

Academic creativity

One of the musical genres that fascinated K. Molchanov and to whom he dedicated his life, — opera. On the stage of the Bolshoi Theatre successfully conducted operas with his music

The theme of operas is diverse – fabulous and heroic-revolutionary, recreating the emotional atmosphere revolutionary days of 1917, dedicated to the harsh days of World War II, and chanting the feat of Soviet people in the early days of the Great Patriotic War. The music to these operas, then temperament-dynamic, then optimistically enlightened, then pinched sad, still lives in theaters.

Song motifs The

composer’s wide popularity was associated with the song. Molchanov’s songwriting is heartwarming, pure, sincere, deeply heartfelt and harshly restrained. Even during periods of his most strenuous work in theatre, he didn’t forget the song. The content of his songs is patriotism, war and peace, dreams of high love and happiness.

The current amount of songs and music about soldiers is considerable. And what were they in the 50s of the twentieth century? Y K. Molchanov songs about soldiers with march-lyrical, brooding mood. In them, harsh and disturbing music makes those listening think about the fate of these people, what our defenders think about, what they aspire to. And dums they have lyrical, heartfelt — about their homes, which they must vacate. The composer’s music helped convey the traditional patriotic meaning of soldier song themes.

Svetlana Ivashova came to a small town to a loved one. War began, and he couldn’t meet Svetlana. She made the decision to wait for him to return at his home. She believed he would come back. When Vyacheslav Tikhonov, who plays the role of Captain Vyacheslav Suzdalev in the film “On Seven Wines”, sings, the audience hears a modest and insolent melody and realizes that the hero of the film singing the song is the same .

Deep and piercing music during the performance of the song helps to feel the condition of wartime people, including scouts, who during their military worries the heart must be keep quiet, and feelings must be hidden because they have a combat mission in the first place. How much in these words and in this music of optimism, faith, love, hope! Looking at favorite unforgettable actors and listening to their musical performance, people enjoy the purity of thoughts of representatives of the military generation. Nowadays there is an older generation who offers their children to learn such songs.

Actor Vyacheslav Tikhonov, playing the role of a talented history teacher, former military officer Ilya Semenovich Melnikov, performs a peaceful song on the piano about the ivolga. The calm musical tone of the first lines in the following turns into a tense intonation, because this man is still living thoughts of the past war.

In the tune of the school waltz, a sadness about school years is heard, a flashback to a beloved teacher who loved a song about cranes. Maybe he’s still working, and the young man wants the cranes to certainly give him the hello and remorse of the former hangman. A sad and expressive melody conveys his desire to remember this teacher always.


lullaby for men… paradox… can that be? Turns out he can. AND TO. Molchanov wrote this lullaby for the film of the same name. In a lullaby melody, we hear the voice of a mother singing to an adult soldier son, and he, as he did as a child, falls serendipitously asleep.

Surprisingly warm, calm, marvelous and soulful melody sounds when this song-recognition is performed. The sad story of a girl who came to love a married man and who takes the responsibility of undivided love on herself touches the heart of any person. The poignant, heartfelt melody made this song folk.


is as if this love story happened in the village in the middle of the twentieth century, when the expert girl arrived to the collective farm. It seems that Matvei Morozov, who performs to the sound of harmonies this song, protects the girl from people who want to cause her evil.

From personal life


the First wife K. Molchanova was the singer and poet A.A. Rustaykis, the second was the actress of the theater M. IN. Pastukhov-Dmitrieva, the third – ballerina Nina Timofeeva.

The music career went on brilliantly. But the official collapsed when he loved the ballerina Nina Timofeeva. For her, he wrote the ballet “Macbeth” and attended all her performances. During one of them to the sound of his music and impressed by the performance of his beloved woman, he died. He was 59 years old. When the ballerina was offered to interrupt the performance, she said she would dance it to the end.

The son of composer and M.V. Pastukhova Vladimir is a journalist and TV presenter, their adopted daughter Anna is a multiple USSR tennis champion.

The highest level of creativity and dedication

Kirill Molchanov left us hundreds of songs, many operas, films, performances, musicals and works for voice and piano.

Level of musical creativity K. Molchanov was defined as the highest. The soulful song melodies of the famous composer became folk because he wrote music with soul and heart. Words of writer B. The parsnip about the purpose of creativity as a dedication can be fully attributed to K. Molchanov.

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