Kira Smirnova: a brief biography

Starting conditions

Each person has hidden abilities that he sometimes does not suspect. Circumstances of fast-flowing life in the most unexpected way to discover napping talents. Kira Smirnova came to light on May 5, 1922 in an intelligent family. The parents at that time lived in the town of Kaluga. His father taught music literacy at the local school. Her mother served as a pianist in drama theatre. The girl listened to good music in the house from an early age and early mastered the technique of playing piano and guitar. After five years, his father was invited to Moscow, and the family moved to the capital.

Like all the children of that time Kira went to school. She received her matriculation certificate in June 1941, and the next day war broke out. All plans and projects had to be postponed until better times. Smirnova was not taken to the front, and then she got a job at the enterprise for the production of ammunition. The energetic and communicable girl easily converged with people. Already a week later Kira became actively engaged in artistic self-activity. Here she was noticed by the famous director and invited to the lineup of the exit theater, which performed in the frontline strip.


‘s creative activities

served in the theater until the end of the war. She danced, performed parodies, sang satirical and lyrical songs. After Victory, the theater disbanded and Kira was invited to work as a proofreader in the editorial office of the newspaper ‚ÄúMoskovsky Komsomolets‚ÄĚ. It would seem that a simple lesson is to read the texts before publication on the pages of the newspaper and correct spelling and stylistic errors. And in this routine work, Smirnova found the application of her energy and fantasy. She herself began writing poetry, humoresques and parodies. And not only to write, but to perform with them in public.

After several years, the talented performer was noticed and began to be invited to radio and television. In 1956 Kira Petrovna took part in the All-Union Festival ‚ÄúTheatre Spring‚ÄĚ and won the first prize in the category of parody number. Critics of the time noted the audacity of the artist, who was not afraid to parody the stars of variety, theater and film. After a while, Smirnova began to ridicule stamps, overplay, vulgarity, and vulgarity in art. In the early 60s already famous performer decided to change the direction of her creativity dramatically. She began to perform lyrical songs and urban romances.

Recognition and personal life 

Smirnova worked for many years in the company of the Moscow Music Hall. In 1964, Kira Petrovna was invited to perform a recital at the famous ‚ÄúOlympia‚ÄĚ in Paris. In 1995, she was awarded the honorary title ‚ÄúHonored Artist of the Russian Federation‚ÄĚ.

Personal life of the artist was not very successful. For more than twenty years, she lived by marriage to noted children’s writer Boris Zachoder. After that we decided to break up. They couldn’t have children. Kira Smirnova retired from life in January 1996.

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