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 Kim Shaw was born on May 20, 1984. Her birthplace is Windsor, but grew up an actress in Miami. Also as a child, Kim was in Longwood in the state of Florida. Shaw was educated at Lake Brantly High School. After she went to New York. Her target was the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.


actress received her first job in film at 23 years old. It took place in the film “Hello from the Coast”. Kim’s partner was Paul Sorvino. Shaw later gained regular roles in the series “The Good Wife” (Amber Madison), “Give Me Pants Back” (Tina Bradley), and “Hoping for Salvation” (Dr. Cassie Williams).


After the painting “Hello from the Coast”, Kim played in the drama “The Nannies”. According to the story the girl who worked with that sat with other people’s children, fell on their father. An affair was set up between them. The girl received a cash award for intimate services. The father of the family told friends about it, and those were interested. So the girl became a mediator between her classmates and men who would like to diversify her sex life.

In 2008, Shaw played a waitress in the film “Sex and the Big City”. The picture follows the lives of four girlfriends who became loved by the audience after the series of the same name. Shaw then got the role of Kelly in the film tape “Morgan Spouses on the Run”. Mark Lawrence’s melodrama starring Hugh Grant and Sarah Jessica Parker, starring the story of a married couple on the verge of divorce. The couple witnessed the murder and now they need to move away from the criminals. In the new environment, their life together is being established.

2010 earned her the role of Kety in “Too Cool for You”. The comedy is about a guy who fell in love with a snotty girl. Fearing that he is unworthy of her, he listens to the advice of friends to impress. With this, he spoils everything. The actress was then invited to play the role of Rosemary in the 2013 picture “Wedding with a Shotgun”. According to the plot of this comedy horror film at a pre-wedding party, the groom accidentally shoots a bridesmaid in the face. His mother does everything to make the wedding go according to plan. That same year, she played Jane in the short film “Objects in the Rear View Mirror”. The actress could later be seen as Judy in the film “Snake and Mongoose”. It’s a sports drama about riders.

In 2014, Kim received the role of Bobby in the painting “Animals”. David Dastmalchyan wrote the autobiographical script and performed the title role himself. The show played the lead female role. After 2 years she could be seen as Andrea in the painting “Christine”. The main character wants to be a reporter, but is forced to work for a news service in a small town. The actress was then invited to play the role of Becky in the film “Nobody Walks in Los Angeles”. Among the actress’s recent work in film is the role of Belinda in “A Christmas Treasure Hunt”. According to the story, the heroine Kim arrives for vacation home and is about to take part in the hunt. As a couple, she gives her ex-boyfriend.

Series The

actress’s career began with small roles in series. Shaw played Nicole in the “Law & Order” detective, which ran from 1990 to 2010. She then got the role of Maria in the sitcom “Two and a Half Men”. The series won an Emmy and was nominated for Screen Actors Guild Awards, Golden Globe Awards and Georges. Kim was later invited for an occasional role in the drama “NCIS: Special Department”. In the comedy series “How I Met Your Mother”, Kim performed the role of Julie. She could then be seen in the acclaimed drama “Gossip Girl.” Her heroine is Amanda. According to the story among students of private school popular blog of unknown gossip girl, which reveals all the secrets of students.

In 2009, the series “Important Things with Demetri Martin”, featuring the actress, began. Kim played Katty in it. The comedy has been shown in the United States and Canada. The show later received a role in the series “Cupid” and “Dear Doctor”. She then went through casting for the role of Amber Madison in the TV series “The Good Wife”. He received an Emmy, a Golden Globe, and a Screen Actors Guild Award. Next up was the role of Juliana in “White Collar.” Since 2010, screening of the TV series “Blue Blood” began, where Kim was given the role of Clara. The lead roles were performed by Donnie Wahlberg, Bridget Moynehan, Will Estes and Len Cariou. The actress then reincarnated as Tammy in “The Glitter of Glory.” Also Shaw played in the TV series “Companions”. In 2012, she could be seen as Tina in “Give Me Pants Back” and as Casey in “Hoping for Salvation”.

In the TV series “Eclipse”, she was given the role The action film’s director is Bradford May. She could then be seen as Vanessa in “Anger Management”. This series ran from 2012 to 2014. The comedy directors are Bob Coerr, Jerry Cohen, Steve Zuckerman. At the same time, she played Lacey in the drama “Sullivan and Son”. The protagonist is a corporate worker who decided to take on the family business and run the bar. In parallel the actress played Audrey in the drama of the same name. The comedy director is Betty Thomas. Shaw’s colleagues on the set are Bobby Campo, Gary Cole, Ariel Kebbel and Amy Pietz.

Kim got the role of Sarah in the “Chicago Police” detective. The crime thriller consists of 7 seasons. It was popular in many countries. She could be seen as Stephanie in “Mysterious Girls”. Unfortunately, the series received low ratings from viewers. In 2016, the TV series “The Life of Harley” began, where Kim appeared as Misha. The family comedy has been shown in the United States, Russia and Germany. The actress’s next role was Carol in the TV series “They: The Testament”. In this horror, Kim has one of the lead roles. The action takes place in the 1950s. The series is just getting ready to be screened.

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