Killian Murphy: biography, career, personal life, interesting facts

May 25, 1976 is the birth date of the popular actor. Cillian Murphy has come to light in County Cork. Almost immediately after the birth of the child, the parents decided to move Ballintempp. In addition to Killian, three other children were raised in the family.

Neither father nor mom were involved with cinema. The man served as an inspector in the department and the woman worked as a French teacher. Grandfather and grandmother were associated with the education system.

In addition to his schooling, Killian Murphy attended a music studio. He was trained in guitar playing. In my childhood years I didn’t dream about a career in cinema. The guy wanted to be a rock star. He could even sign a contract with a well-known company. However, by fate, this did not happen. The deal was cancelled at the last minute.

First thoughts on a career in film came after attending a master class in dramatic art. The young man began to realize that he had found his calling. But after getting his certificate, Killian enrolled for a lawyer. He was convinced by his parents, who thought that it was necessary to get a more serious profession.

In parallel with the training, the future actor was a frequent guest in the theater studio. He played regularly in a wide variety of performances. During the next performance of the talented guy noticed. He received his first invitation to film.

First Steps

Creative biography began with a role in the motion picture “Sunburn”. He perfectly played a life spinner who went to America. The first role was immediately successful. The talented guy was noticed not only by the audience, but also by famous directors.

The next project in Cillian Murphy’s filmography is the motion picture “On the Edge”. He masterfully entered the image of a hero wanting to end his life. Has proved himself not only as an actor. Killian wrote the screenplay for the comedy tape “The Watchers”. In this project also played the main character. And for the film “Discopigs” also composed the soundtrack.

A successful creative biography

Played in pictures such as “The Breakup” and “28 Days Later”, Cillian Murphy received an invitation to Hollywood. The first fame came after the release of the film “Roads We Choose”.

A few months later, Killian Murphy’s filmography was replenished by the Cold Mountain project. The lead characters were played by Nicole Kidman and Jude Law. Then there was the role of the butcher in the film “Girl with the Pearl Earring”, in which Colin Furth and Scarlett Johansson glittered.

In the image of negative heroes, Killian appeared several more times. He tried on the image of a psychiatrist in the movie picture “Batman. Beginning.” In the tape, “Night Flight” appeared as the Ripper. It was after the release of this picture that the amplua of the villain became entrenched behind Killian.

According to critics, the best work in actor Killian Murphy’s filmography is the painting “Breakfast on Pluto”. Our hero played Patrick Braden. This role demonstrated that an actor can not only be a villain. Equally successful in the actor’s career is the motion picture “The Wind That Cradles the Heather”.

Actor Killian Murphy’s popularity increased significantly following the release of the miniseries project “Sharp Trumps”. The talented man appeared in the image of the leading character – Thomas Shelby. Killian had to try to play “cool bastard.” It took a change of hairstyle, a manner of moving and talking.

In the filmography of a talented man it is worth highlighting such projects as “Peclo”, “Inception”, “Forbidden Love”, “Time”, “Broken”, “Shootout”, “Dunkirk”. Extreme works are “Anna” and “Quiet Place 2″. At the present stage he is working on the creation of the film “Stranger Wanderers”.

Off the set

How are things going in your personal life? Cillian Murphy is married. He has children. The popular actor’s choice was Yvonne McGuinness. The wedding took place in 2004. A few months after the solemn event, the first child was born. The son was named Malachi. The second child came to light another year later. And son again. Named him Carrick.

Actor Cillian Murphy rarely agrees to be interviewed. He tries his best to lead a closed lifestyle. Afraid that someday journalists will start talking about his every step, as they do with Brad Pitt.

Interesting facts

  1. The actor likes to run. Often makes runs along with the dog.
  2. Killian wanted to play Batman. But ended up getting the role of Craig’s psychiatrist.
  3. Following the release of the film “Night Flight”, Killian began to doubt that anyone would want to get on the same plane with him.
  4. Killian never became a lawyer. He failed to further study, dropping out of university and starting a career as an actor.
  5. Prior to his role in the motion picture “Sharp Visors”, Killian was a vegetarian. But during filming, he had to gain weight. So he tasted meat for the first time in 15 years.

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