Kianite: stone properties, appearance, compatibility with Zodiac signs

From Greek, “kianite” translates to “blue”. Another name for the mineral is “disten”, that is, “force”. Boardstone nicknamed the jewel in Germany. The first mentions date from the Renaissance era. In the 16th century, merchants could not distinguish qualitative Kianites from sapphires, because the gems were called jahont.

Appearance, features

The familiar name stone was given in the 18th century.

Scratch the mineral with double hardness index can only be lengthwise, so it is difficult to handle. Interesting samples for jewelers find very rare.

The color ranges from sky-light to dark. Gems of yellow, black, purple and grey are found. The manganese admixture endows the mineral with orange coloration.


shade changes depending on the angle of view and light. The original coloration is striped, uneven. Opaque crystals belong to business, transparent — to jewelry.

Stone is used in mechanical engineering, ceramics making, foundry.



have many interesting properties. Healers are sure it helps perfectly from insomnia.



, the mineral successfully treats:

  • pathologies and diseases of the urinary system and sexual organs;
  • throat diseases and infectious ailments.
  • male infertility.

Self color improves immunoprotection, fights psychological discomfort and treats even severe depression. It is recommended to carry a jewel with students to improve memory. The mineral helps to remember large amounts of information. Especially lithotherapists advise kianitis to toddlers, as crystal eliminates moodiness.


Specimen can have a positive impact on life. Crystal will protect against fraudsters and lead to career development, increase confidence and bring luck. However, it helps only people with good conscience.

Women’s mascot will help attract happiness in love, find the other half. Kianite improves intuition.

In the journey, the jewel acts as a reliable guardian. Previously it was used in wanderings as a landmark.

Wear jewelry with kianite is recommended for people with a difficult character. The ideal mascot will be for Lion and Sagittarius. Good for the amulet Gemini, Cancer, Aquarius. However, on the representatives of the zodiacal circle, the self-color acts in its own way:

  • normalizes the emotional state of the Raks;
  • the

  • success of the Aries awaits;
  • the sensuality of the nature of the
  • The twins will find their purpose;
  • the

  • feelings of Sagittarius harmonize.

Since kianite promotes understanding, it is recommended as a stone for lovers.

Contraindicated kianite Capricorns. It should not be worn by the holders of a calm character.


The main condition for choosing the mascot is the absence of defects. Damaged stones carry a negative charge. The prolonged wearing of black gems leads to the deterioration of mood.

Jewelry is usually decorated in silver or white gold. A cut in the form of beads is spread. Made of mineral caskets, figurines.

In the author’s decorations, the jewel comes into the role of insertion or cabochon cut. The accessory requires special care:

  • It does not tolerate contact with household chemicals.
  • Remove decorations before cooking or cleaning.
  • Store separately from other accessories.

Do not expose crystals to the action of high temperatures.

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