Karl Markovich: biography, creativity, career, personal life

He was a very famous actor in the post-Soviet space — all the countries of the social camp gladly watched the series “Commissioner Racks” with his participation. And this series went for ten years, without losing position in the rating.

As a director he won the Label Europa Cinemas Award for the film “Breath” (2011) at the Cannes Film Festival. Markovic also wrote the script for this film himself.


best films in his filmography consider: “The counterfeiters” (2006), “Nangan-Parbat” (2010), “Grand Budapest Hotel” (2014), “The Unknown” (2011). Best TV series: “Commissar Racks” and “Babylon-Berlin” (2017-…).


Born Karl Markovich in 1963 in the Austrian capital Vienna. His childhood and school years passed there. After graduating from high school, he entered art school and later entered service at the Serapiostheater Theater. For three years, it was entirely and completely given to the theatre, and it was a great time of accumulation of experience, interaction with other actors and audiences.

However, acting abilities were shown in him at an earlier age: from 1971 he began to star in shorts and series, playing occasional roles. These were the TV series “Police Phone”, “Special Commission”, “Wolf’s Law”, and others.


actor’s career


first more or less significant work in film was the role in the picture “India” about two women. And in 1993 Markovic became involved in the Commissioner Rex project. That year he continued to collaborate with theatres, however filming in the series took away all the time from him. So with the scene for the period of filming it was necessary to say goodbye. Later in the interview, the actor said that an awful lot of theatrical roles then “went past him”, however there was nothing he could do because working in the series took him over. He was looking forward to seeing the next series begin, and will need to head on set again.

This series made Karl famous in all the countries of the socialist bloc, and when the schedule of the project more or less settled, he began to be invited to theatrical roles again.

By then, audiences were already accustomed to his amplua in “Commissioner Racks”, and were quite a few surprised to see the beloved actor in completely different images, as if it wasn’t him at all.

And in 1996, directors Bodo FĂĽrneisen, Hans Werner and Dagmar Damek began filming an alternative sequel to “The Commissioner of REx” – a series called “Stockinger”. Viewers immediately understood what the matter was — after all in the name of the picture was the surname of Inspector Stockinger, who disappeared from the series in 1996. This project has a completely new sound, it has a different atmosphere, but a well-chosen team of actors did their thing: the series had high ratings.

In the future, Markovic starred in several more series, and each time viewers noted that his presence in the frame brought some brighter shade to the events taking place on screen.

Markovich was especially successful in historical films. For example, in his filmography there are paintings such as “Kronprinz Rudolf” – a narrative about Emperor Franz’s son Joseph the First.

Very lively and acclaimed film “Counterfeiters” also describes historical events of the Second World War. The crime drama opens a veil over the economic crimes of fascists: they printed counterfeit currency of different countries for the purpose of undermining their economies. The main character of the film, played by Marković, was involved in this process by the will of fate, and with very little choice: either to work for the Nazis or to be shot. This film in 2008 earned an Oscar as the best foreign language film of the year. And was also the nominee of the Berlin IFF as the best film of the year.

At the beginning of 2,000th years, the charismatic actor was very popular with directors of different countries: he starred in Germany in the film almanac “Germany 09”, which was a great success at audience members of this country; in Norway he took part in the filming of the military historical drama “The King’s Choice” (2016); in Russia he starred in the fantasy tape “The Secret of the Snow Queen” (2014). This tale won the Golden Eagle prize for best costumes.

Markovic successfully combines work in theatre and film. In one interview, he said the two avenues of art were mutually complementary. And as for actors — they work in the theater helps to better understand how to convey to the audience a particular thought. Especially since under the camera’s sight it’s much harder to do because you don’t have a live response from the audience. So like many actors, he wouldn’t want to leave the theatre for the sake of cinema.

Though lately he’s also often on set. His most recent works are the role of Roman Silberstein in the tape “How I Learned to Be a Child” (2019) and the role of Major in the painting “Secret Life” (2019).

Personal life

As many actors, his future wife Carl met on filming — it was actress Stephanie Towsing. Now there are two children in Marković’s family, and they all live together in Vienna.

Markovic is an avid houseboy, and all the time, free from work, he spends in four walls, surrounded by relatives.

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